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U.S. Air Force

People in the Air Force have to be:

Hello my name is Stephanie Lewinski. This site will include some information about the U.S. Air Force. I'm planning on joining it is an awesome branch to join if youíre interested in joining the Military. The Air Force is well taken care of. Some what spoiled at times. Also they have the highest number of people that receive degrees for college. If you are planning on joining go to one of the local recruiters in your area to get more in-depth with how to find out all you need to know to join. First they will have you take a test called the ASVAB it will give you a score. Donít worry to much about what the score is. The test lets you know what your best working situation would be. After you get your scores back you will go back to the recruiterís office and you will proceed with signing papers and telling them information about yourself. Start getting into shape though. You will have to take a fitness test and a medical test before you get accepted. Once you get accepted you will be headed for boot camp. But to find out more visit some of the web sites on here they are very informational.

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