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*Read before playing my game*

-press esc to end your turn

-If the applet isn't accepting keyboard input
just reclick inside the applet

-Loading times seem to be getting large, I will
look into this.

-Terrain does increase defense

-The menu command Defend does not do anything yet: currently does the same
thing as wait.

-I used arrays in a way so that adding units will be simple
all you have to do to add more units now is copy a for loop
and the program will still function at 100%. Attacking, win checking,
movement, nothing will be effected or require additional programming.
also makes easier to add different types of units.

-Unit types are not final, just place holders, feel free to make suggestions
or even make the art yourself. If you decide to make the art, it has to be
25*25 pixles, transparent background, and preferabbly saved as .png
(anglefire was having trouble displaying my gifs but I can probably get
it to work if I mess with it enough.

-Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind this isn't even the alpha, I will
be doing alpha and beta testing at a later date and I will let you know
when I need you to really debug and make suggestions.

-only known bug so far: if you press two arrow keys at the same time or in
rapid succession the cursor will move, but its data in the arrays doesn't.
It won't cause the program to crash but it is an annoyance because that unit
is forced to wait where it is, can't attack or move further.