Warcraft 3 Tournament

How to sign up

Register for the forums and post on this topic or email me at Obsqura@gmail.com

How to see the progress of the tournament

You may see the progress of the tournament by clicking here.

First Round Maps

  • The first map will be de_cbble.
  • The second map will be de_dust2.
  • The third map will be de_train.

    Second Round Maps

  • The first map will be de_piranesi.
  • The second map will be de_nuke.
  • The third map will be de_museum_beta2.

    Third Round Maps


  • The teams will be randomly generated to make it more fair and equal.
  • Each player will get one race of their choice to acquire level 10 the day of the tournament.
  • The tournament may last for more than one day, and most likely will.
  • There will be three minutes on every round.
  • After ten (10) rounds, each team will switch between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
  • You must win a total of eleven (11) rounds on each map for your team to win the map.
  • The tournament will be played as the best out of three (3) maps.
  • The tournament will be double elimination.
  • Prizes of admin for one month on both servers will be awarded to the members on the winning team.

    Team Tiger

  • Obs
  • kg21twolves
  • Viper
  • Neo

    Team Lion

  • Gavias
  • Bloodfista
  • DerangedCookie
  • Dave

    Team Puma

  • M4V3R1CK
  • Captain Bargs
  • *R.G.||Chobits
  • $^Bob

    Team Leopard

  • Rain
  • KnightWolf
  • GailleannSaoi
  • Hunter

    Team Cheetah

  • Spray Pray
  • Jack-Bauer
  • Illuminati | #teamprecision

    Team Panther

  • Tit@n
  • M@xxM@xx
  • Sassy
  • FuZZy

    Team Jaguar

  • FoXi
  • Langley
  • Kilo
  • n0ob>>medic<<
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