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Warcraft 3 Tournament

How to sign up

Register for the forums and post on this topic or email me at

How to see the progress of the tournament

You may see the progress of the tournament by clicking here.

First Round Maps

  • The first map will be de_cbble.
  • The second map will be de_dust2.
  • The third map will be de_train.

    Second Round Maps

  • The first map will be de_piranesi.
  • The second map will be de_nuke.
  • The third map will be de_museum_beta2.

    Third Round Maps


  • The teams will be randomly generated to make it more fair and equal.
  • Each player will get one race of their choice to acquire level 10 the day of the tournament.
  • The tournament may last for more than one day, and most likely will.
  • There will be three minutes on every round.
  • After ten (10) rounds, each team will switch between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
  • You must win a total of eleven (11) rounds on each map for your team to win the map.
  • The tournament will be played as the best out of three (3) maps.
  • The tournament will be double elimination.
  • Prizes of admin for one month on both servers will be awarded to the members on the winning team.

    Team Tiger

  • Obs
  • kg21twolves
  • Viper
  • Neo

    Team Lion

  • Gavias
  • Bloodfista
  • DerangedCookie
  • Dave

    Team Puma

  • M4V3R1CK
  • Captain Bargs
  • *R.G.||Chobits
  • $^Bob

    Team Leopard

  • Rain
  • KnightWolf
  • GailleannSaoi
  • Hunter

    Team Cheetah

  • Spray Pray
  • Jack-Bauer
  • Illuminati | #teamprecision

    Team Panther

  • Tit@n
  • M@xxM@xx
  • Sassy
  • FuZZy

    Team Jaguar

  • FoXi
  • Langley
  • Kilo
  • n0ob>>medic<<
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