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Last revision: March 27, 2007.

The rules for the servers are as follows:

    1. Membership Agreement:
  • A. Your membership in the Service is subject to following membership requirements, and your membership and license are subject to termination by the Administration in its discretion (at any time and without notice) for violation of these terms:
  • B. The Service is intended to be an enjoyable place for as many members as possible. To achieve this goal, the Administration has developed a set of Community Guidelines (defined below). You agree to cooperate with the Administration in its efforts to create generally accepted standards for the Service and to comply with the Community Guidelines. The Administration reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, the generally accepted standards for the Service and the Community Guidelines.
  • C. You will not disseminate material or engage in behavior on the Service that is obscene, sexually explicit, abusive, deceptive, defamatory, hateful or otherwise inappropriate (as determined by the Administration).
  • D. You will not engage in behavior that disrupts the performance of the Service or the experience of its members, including, but not limited to, behavior such as hacking, cheating, impersonation, harassing, or spamming.
  • E. You will not allow other players, whether clan members, allies in a particular game or personal acquaintances, for free or for charge, to use your account. (Special requests may be approved if a formal request is submitted to Obs.)
    2. Guidelines
  • A. People of diverse ages, backgrounds, religions, and nationalities play in the servers and it is expected that the players will refrain from speech that is deliberately inflammatory, excessively vulgar, and/or personally derogatory. In other words: No flaming and keep the "trash talk" to a minimum.
  • B. Advertising through means including (but not exclusive to) the text-chat facility, voice-communication, sprays, or in the forums is prohibited.
  • C. Sprays that contain offensive words or images, including (but not exclusive to) pornography, or sprays which breech any other rule, are prohibited.
  • D. Spamming through means including (but not exclusive to) the text-chat facility, voice-communication, or unnecessarily repetitive use of the radio, is prohibited.
  • E. Administrators do not have to furnish players with any warning before taking action if they are contravening the server rules. However, minor breeches of the rules are required by at least one (1) warning from an administrator.
  • F. Senior Administrators (Obs) has discretion to deal with any contravention of server rules as he see's fit.
  • G. Cheating in any form, including (but not exclusive to) the use of online gaming cheats, hacks, and ghosting (e.g. the practice of spectating players communicating to alive players the whereabouts of other players on the server either directly or indirectly), is prohibited.
  • H. Players who admit to cheating, including (but not exclusive to) making an express or implied statement that they cheat, or use of a cheating clan’s tag, will be asked to discontinue their act or they are to be banned for no more than thirty (30) minutes.
  • I. Use of map and server exploits, including (but not exclusive to) sky-walking, shield bugs / scripts exploiting shield bugs, attempts at server crashing, and the #spec bug and its variants, is prohibited.
  • J. Excessive abuse or harassment of other players, including (but not exclusive to) the heckling of new/poor players, blocking players, and following and shooting other players of the same team, is prohibited.
  • K. Any abuse or harassment of an Obs Server administrator is prohibited. This includes (but not exclusively) arguing on the server about an enforcement action taken by an admin.
  • L. Playing in a manner that is disruptive to other players or the goals of the map, including (but not exclusive to) team flash-banging, killing hostages, unreasonably refusing to plant the bomb, remaining away from the keyboard for an excessive amount of time, and suicide, is prohibited.
  • M. The various Administrators are expected to enforce the Community Guidelines of the Service. When they think that a player or players have violated the Community Guidelines, they will possibly kick the player from the server, or temporarily ban the player. Repeated violations or severe violations (e.g. Cheating) of the Community Guidelines are punishable by a permanent ban.
    3. Banning
  • A. Contraventions of the server rules can be punishable through a variety of means, the most serious of which is a global ban from all of Obs Servers. Depending upon the severity of the contravention, an administrator may, at his or her own discretion, apply a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
  • B. A demo is strongly recommended to accompany any ban, and a post with the Steam ID, name, and reason on the forums is required.
  • C. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly, you may appeal directly to the punishing administrator and the Senior Administrators through the Banned Players category of the forums located at When petitioning to be unbanned, be calm and polite, and provide your nickname, Steam ID and all relevant details.
  • D. Obs' decision in all cases will be absolutely final, without question.
    4. Web Forums
  • A. Forums are available to you as a service of Obs Servers, thus the guidelines in this document apply to them as well. Stay on topic and avoid posting in the improper forum. It is not the responsibility of the administration to properly identify which forum your post belongs in. Posts in the wrong forum are often overlooked and/or deleted. In addition to these rules, each forum may have its own posting guidelines. Review and follow them as well.
    5. Administrative Access
  • A. For only $16.00 a month, you receive administrator access to all our public servers (4).
  • B. For only $12.00 a month, you receive administrator access to all our public Warcraft 3 servers.
  • C. For only $9.00 a month, you receive administrator access to our public Warcraft 3FT or Warcraft 3Ultimate server and the Scoutzknivez 24/7 server.
  • D. For only $7.00 a month, you receive administrator access to our public Warcraft 3FT servers or Warcraft 3Ultimate server.
  • E. For only $4.00 a month, you receive administrator access to our public Scoutzknivez 24/7 server.
      6. Administrative Agreement
    • A. In order to keep fair and orderly servers, there are a few rules that should be kept in mind when playing and/or spectating on them. Our administrators have the privilege to enforce our server rules. We make a note of that simply because it is a privilege, not a right to be an admin. If any admin is caught abusing his/her powers, he/she will face penalties varying from being demoted, to losing admin access, to even being banned from the servers. Please understand, this is not meant to be a scare tactic. Obs Servers has faith that you want to keep these servers running smoothly. We understand that you have no intention of trying to cause problems. Therefore, here are some simple guidelines to follow as an admin of Obs Servers. As you can tell, they are written in a manner to allow for situational differences, but these are rules you should know and adhere to at all times. Remember, as an admin of Obs Servers your actions reflect our attitude as a whole. Please take this as seriously as we do.
    • B. Your administrator access will be granted by Steam ID, so be sure to provide the correct ID when you register. Each account will be assigned only one Steam ID.
    • C. You are required to register as a user on the forums listed at amx_ban name (0 Minutes Is Perm. Ban) From now on, ONLY use this method of banning. It bans people from both servers with one command in the console. This command bans their Steam ID. Please DO NOT use any other ban method. For instance, if you see a guy named Craig hacking, first take a demo, write down their Steam ID, or spectate him longer to make sure he is really hacking.
    • D. If there is weird text in the players name, then you will have to use their Steam ID to ban them. Type "status" in the console, and then use amx_ban "STEAM_0:0:1234567" 0.
    • E. In the event that there is Obs online who witnesses obvious abuse/exploits/hacking, then you will not need a demo nor have to post the ID/name/reason on the forums, as Obs should be able to take down the information. Please make sure that they did do this before you ban the hacker.
    • F. Respect other administrators, as you should never publicly talk back to or use any admin commands against them. Kicking or banning another admin (even for fun) may result in immediate access removal with no refund. If you have a serious problem with another admin, DO NOT act out on the servers. Explain everything in the forums or email for the matter to be reviewed. This is very rare, but it does happen.
    • G. Cheating is an intolerable offense and will not be taken lightly. We support our administrators’ decisions and wish to provide hacker-free servers to the public. I am most likely going to start to REQUIRE administrators take demos of hackers before you ban them.
    • H. If there is a minor problem with a player, watch them carefully. If they are breaking the rules, you may warn them, and then kick them if they persist. Remember, it is very easy to ban someone but not always necessary. Many times you can take care of the situation with a simple warning or kick command. If the player continues to be a problem, you may issue a temporary ban. Before you ban, be sure that they are aware that you are going to take action against them.
    • I. The servers are self-contained. Do not change any settings or variables on the server(s) with your admin access. The only thing that you may change is the gravity, but only scoutzknivez-type maps.
    • J. Do not abuse your admin access (i.e. excessive tsays, slapping, slaying, bannings, et cetera.). The administrators rarely use their “power” on the public players unless it is well deserved. These commands can be very inviting in a lot of cases, but do not use them just because you can. We do check the server logs, so please follow this rule as we want our public players to enjoy themselves. Remember, we are all here to have fun and to get along well. Let's allow our guests to enjoy that same feeling on our servers. Welcome them as you would your friends.
    • K. You may not share your administrative access with anyone. No person is to use administrative accounts without the expressed acknowledgement and permission of Obs Servers.
    • L. You may not give experience to anyone, but yourself, not even if they are your friends or family on the Warcraft 3FT server. If a player wants experience for free, they may pay for admin and give it to themselves. On the Warcraft 3Ultimate server, each administrator is entitled to a free 650,000 experience. If anyone, including administrators want more experience, they are allowed to purchase more.
    • M. Do not break any of these rules and if caught doing so, you will face penalties varying from being demoted, to losing administrator rights, to even being banned from the servers, with no refund.
      7. Support
    • A. You understand that you use the Obs Servers Service at your own risk and that any assistance or support facilitating your use of the Obs Servers Service is provided to you only on an as-is basis. No support is guaranteed.
    • B. Obs Servers offers and provides support only in accordance to the fluctuating convenience and availability of the Obs Servers staff. Limited support can be found by emailing Obs at, ICQing Obs at 342-494-221, calling Obs at (216)346-5615, or on the forums located at
      8. Modification of this Agreement
    • A. You understand and agree that the Administration may modify this Agreement at any time and in any manner. Any modification is effective immediately. By continuing to use of the Service following modification to this Agreement, you accept the modification. If any modification to this Agreement is not acceptable to you, you may choose to not continue to use the Service.
    Remember that you must agree to and understand the rules and the Terms of Service if you will be purchasing admin.

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