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  • The Warcraft 3FT and Warcraft 3U servers have been temporarily shut down and the administrators with running subscriptions were canceled.
  • The Scoutzknivez server located at is the only Obs Server still up and running. Administrator abilities for the Scoutzknivez server is only $4.00/month!


  • The Warcraft 3U server ( has had its experience reset.
  • Free experience will be given out all day at random times on the following days:

    Saturday, June 07, 2008
    Sunday, June 08, 2008
    More dates to come...

  • If you bought experience and don't have it yet, contact me at so we can set up a time to meet.


  • The Warcraft 3FT server has changed IP addresses, so there will be less lag. Make sure to update it on your favorite lists! The new IP is
  • I am testing out the new amxmodx version on the Warcraft 3FT server as well.
  • There is now a live chat on the forums located at The live chat is only when you go to that url. If you are checking posts, it will disappear and kick you out of the chat. I will try to be in the live chat often.


  • The Warcraft 3 FT server located at is down at the moment due to an enormous amount of lag in which the company who hosts my servers is checking into. Once the server is back up and running, I will announce it.


  • The Warcraft 3FT servers have had some changes with races and/or plugins in the server, such as with the human teleportation ability and the hook being made instant on one of the servers.
  • To find out more information, click here.
  • Please post on the forums at the above link with your feedback, whether it be good or bad, but please use constructive criticism. Saying "The changes suck" won't help me fix problems. Thanks.


  • On December 25, 2007 I will be giving free experience at random times on all Warcraft 3FT and Warcraft 3U servers The more players in the servers, the better chance there is of me giving out free experience. Happy Holidays!


  • Both Warcraft 3FT servers now have a new race added called Chameleon. This race has all of the skills available to any other race jumbled together, but the skills you get each round are chosen at random.
  • Please submit your feedback about this race on the forums under the suggestions section. The link to the forums is on the left side of your screen.


  • The Warcraft 3Ultimate server will have its experience reset most likely on June 14, 2007 to keep up with the experience being reset every 4 months.
  • The last experience reset on the Warcraft 3Ultimate server was on February 14, 2007.
  • The Warcraft 3FT server will most likely have its experience reset on the same day, June 14, 2007.
  • The Warcraft 3FT (2) server will end up having its experience reset in July or August on the 14th, so I can spread the experience resets out.


  • I was bored, so I decided to put together a chart of how many admins I had at the end of each month on all my servers. I get asked how many administrators I have sometimes, so here is a chart to show you. I will try to keep it up-to-date every month. You will be able to see it by clicking here.


  • The Warcraft 3X server, has turned into a Warcraft 3FT server.
  • All of the administrators on the Warcraft 3FT server will now have admin on both Warcraft 3FT: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) ( as well as in the new server, Warcraft 3FT Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) (2) (
  • There are a plethora of admins for the Warcraft 3FT server as well as players, so starting a new Warcraft 3FT server made it so there can be more players having fun. In addition, if there are many administrators on at once, some may go to the other server to help make it become more popular. Experience is not transferred between servers, so this means that you can have level 10's in all races on one server and have 0 experience on all races on another server. If there is a player you despise on one server, then moving to the other server will make it so you can still have fun while playing with the Warcraft 3FT plugin on.
  • If you have any other questions, feel free to post on the forums or email me at


  • The experience on the Warcraft 3FT server and the Warcraft 3Ultimate server along with the statistics have been reset, due to overwhelming demand.
  • If you are an administrator or someone who has purchased experience and don't have your experience, please contact me via email or private message on the forums. You can email me at If you have any questions on the experience reset, feel free to contact me as well.


  • Until November 21, 2007 at 12noon EST, the Warcraft 3X server admin is only $5.00/month! instead of $7.00 as the original price. You can purchase administrative abilities here!
  • Until November 21, 2007 at 12noon EST, the Scoutzknivez server admin is only $4.00/month! instead of $5.00 as the original price. You can purchase administrative abilities here!


  • I have started up a 16 slot server that has the Warcraft 3X plugin on it where you can choose from four races and choose from three different ultimates.
  • is the Server IP with the title of Warcraft 3X: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp)


  • The Warcraft 3FT: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server is back up. The new IP address is I am sorry that it took a week to get it back up, and I hope you have fun.
  • All the administrators should have their admin working in addition to the experience reset, of course.


  • On October 31, 2006, I will be resetting the levels on the Warcraft 3FT: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server and on the Warcraft 3Ultimate: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server.
  • The trick will be the servers exp being resetted, and the treat will be that on the Warcraft 3Ultimate server, to level, you need to get 2.0 the experience (double) of the level before. Now, I will make it 1.75 the experience to level. (3/4th) This in turn will make it so players will level a little faster and it won't take as much experience to get higher levels.
  • Players who have purchased experience on the Warcraft 3Ultimate server will get to keep their experience they purchased before. This means that when they join for the first time after the experience is reset, they will start out with the experience they purchased.


  • The following is a video that I created of myself with clips from September 27, 2006 at the gym. There were also two older clips I needed as spacers that I added. As you watch the video, you will tell that it was an eventful day at the gym.


  • The following is a video I created for the contest at The movie was filmed this past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, Thursday, hence the reason why I haven't been on lately. Wish me luck and feel free to give me your feedback.


  • The Warcraft 3FT: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server is back up. I had a little trouble with the hosts of the server, but it is all sorted out.
  • You might need to add the server IP for the Warcraft 3FT server again. If so, the IP is


  • Players are now able to purchase levels if they don't want administrative abilities and just want levels. Click on the left side on Admin Purchase Information if you are interested and want more details.


  • The experience for the Warcraft 3Ultimate: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server has been reset as of 4:30pm EST. (1:30pm PST. 22:30 CET.) Everyones experience was reset, so don't think it is just you.
  • For the first three weeks or so, administrators will only be allowed to have up to level 17 of free experience, so it is not fully one-sided. After up to 17 levels, they must earn the experience on their own until said otherwise.
  • Since the experience was reset, when the map changes, it goes quickly and doesn't crash, since it doesn't have to load up so much data each time the map changes.
  • If there are any questions concerning the Warcraft 3Ultimate: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server, please post on the forums. The link to the forums is on the upper left-hand side. If you want to ask a non-public question, you can private message me on the forums or email me at


  • The new IP address of the Warcraft 3FT server is All the plugins are working as intended now. Feel free to play on the new server, and I appologize for the long wait for it to be back up and running.


  • The new IP address of the Warcraft 3FT server is I am working on getting the other plugins working right now, but I mainly am concerned about the Warcraft 3FT plugin working. That is working right now, and the hook mod is hopefully going to be working soon. All admins that were on the Warcraft 3FT server are now admin on the new Warcraft 3FT server. I am sorry this took so long. Please accept my sincerest regards.


  • The following is a video I made a few days ago of me doing some tricking outdoors. Tell me what you think.


  • The Warcraft 3Ultimate server has changed IP addresses and the new server is up right now. Don't fret though, as all the files got moved from the old server to the new server, so you still have all your levels. Or at least all your levels from June 16 or so.
  • There are now 18 slots on the server with 2 reserved slots for administrators. The new IP address is The old Warcraft 3Ultimate server will be up for a few more days, so you can play on that if you so desire.
  • Remember to change the server on your favorites list. Also, I am still having issues with the Warcraft 3FT server for now. The plugin for Warcraft 3FT is not cooperating, as the website where you download it from is down.


  • The Warcraft 3FT: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) server, or server recently started crashing immediately when I tried to start it back up. Due to this, I had to reinstall the entire server.
  • Please bear with me, but I am having troubles with the people who host the servers with this, and it might be a few days until it is up and running again. I appologize for this.


  • The hosts of my servers recently got hacked, or claimed they did at least. The Scoutzknivez 24/7 Obs server ( was on the machine that got hacked into, so the entire server had to be reinstalled. I basically lost all files I had on the server, so I had to put everything, including maps, the administrators, and plugins back on the server.
  • The server should be working as intended now, but I might have forgotten to add you to administrator list. If I did forgot to, please email me at with your Counter Strike name, Steam ID, Paypal email you use, or whatever other useful information you could give me to help get you back on the administrator list. Take note that I will know if you are lying and not really an administrator.


  • I unfortunately was having some technical difficulties with the Warcraft 3X plugin that was on the server, where it was conflicting with the server and making it crash after an allotted amount of time. The creater of the plugin stated that he would be working to fix the issue, but as there seems to be nothing done, I have changed Warcraft 3 plugins.
  • The new plugin on the server is Warcraft 3 Ultimate, and the name has changed from Warcraft 3X: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp) to Warcraft 3Ultimate: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp).
  • There is an issue I am working on fixing, where the only time your experience will save is if the player types savexp. If anyone is online, please instruct the players that they must use that command to have their experience saved. For now, the plugin will be on, including the other plugins, such as hook, jedi grab, etc. (I believe Roll the Dice and the High Ping Kicker isn't on the server, due to the issues I have been having with them.)
  • If there are any questions pertaining to the warcraft 3 plugin change, feel free to post them in the forums, private message me, or email me. Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. :P


  • The new Warcraft 3 server is up! It is located at and is called Warcraft 3X: Obs (+Hook/Saved Exp). It may take a day or so for everything to be running smoothly and working as intended, but expect it to be a good, fun server, just like the other two servers.


  • If you are interested in having your clans website link on Obs Servers, please email Obs at You must also put a link to on your clan website as well.


  • If you are interested in taking part in the Warcraft 3 tournament, post something along the lines of I am or Me here. Any other conversations will be deleted. If you want to talk more about it, make a post.


  • If Obs Servers gains only a few more administrators, then most likely, each server will have an addition of four (4) more slots on them.
  • If more slots are enabled, the Warcraft 3 server ( will have two (2) reserved slots for administrators/purchasing. The Scoutzknivez server ( might have reserved slots, but only if more people are interested in administrative powers on it.
  • You can give me your feedback Here for the Scoutzknivez server or Here for the Warcraft 3 server.
  • I will also need more feedback, as I might start another Warcraft 3 tournament. You can vote and give me your feedback here.


  • To become an admin for Obs Servers, you must read and understand rules and the terms of service. Also, you must pay the listed amount every month you wish to have administrative abilities.


  • The new Scoutzknivez 24/7 Obs server IP is The old server is now shut down.
Old new can be accessed by clicking on the Archives.

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