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Druid Epic 1.0: Walkthrough!

- Find Telin Darkforest.

He is located in the Burning Woods near the Skyfire zone line. Travel a short distance from the Skyfire zone line, further into the Burning Woods and you should be able to track him. Once you find Telin Darkforest., ask "What action". You will get Worn Note.

If you don't receive the Worn Note, then your faction is too low. Faction can be built up quickly by doing the Muffins for Pandos quest in Freeport.

- Go to Faelin Bloodbriar

She is located in Greater Faydark and roams the northern part near and west of Crushbone entrance in addition to spawning at loc 1500, 500. Give her the note and you receive a ring. After giving her the worn note, she depops. She is a rare spawn and roaming orcs are her placeholders.

- Find Giz X'Tin

He can be found in the Kithikor Forest. He roams near the path from the West Commonlands to Highpass Hold. Give him the ring and you will recive a Dark Metal Coin. After you hand him the ring, a level 50 Dark Elf Reaver spawns and attacks, but you can easily run away. Don't help another druid or ranger with the Corruptor in East Karanas if you still have to do this part. Killing the Corrupter gives you bad Faction with Giz so that he won't give you back the coin for Telin Darkforest.

- Go back to Telin Darkforest

Give him the Dark Metal Coin and in return, he will give it back to you as Worn Dark Metal Coin. He tells you to find Athele.

- Find Athele.

You can find her in East Karanas near the river north of the barbarian fishing village. Give her the Worn Dark Metal Coin and you receive a worn amulet. Give this amulet to Sionae (Loc -2300, -930), to Nuien (Loc -3650, -300), and to Teloa (spawns -3800, -2860). The last step is the trigger for the Dark Elf Corruptor and two Darkelf Reavers (Levels 48 to 50) to spawn. They spawn on top of the hill, east of the river (Loc -1500, -1000). Don't trigger this part until you are ready to kill the Dark Elf Corruptor since all the druids, except Athele are triggerd spawns. Don't start handing out the amulet and stop at the last stage or a druid or ranger has to do that part successfully for all the NPC's to be triggered and spawned again. In the map below, it shows where the Dark Elf Corruptor spawns and where Athele is located.

Kill the Dark Elf Corruptor quickly on the hill north of the river (loc -1500, -1000). He will depop after a short while if not engaged. The 2 Reavers will move towards the four druids to kill them. It isn't necessary to kill the Reavers, but you must kill the Dark Elf Corruptor and loot the Fleshbound Tome. The easiest way to beat this fight is to have a friend wait on the hill where the Dark Elf Corruptor spawns and attack him right as he spawns. If the four druids are killed, it is no problem as Athele spawns again in approximately one hour. Give Athele the tome and get an Earth Stained Note. You must now find the one who "She who walks the land in service..."

- Find Ella Foodcrafter

You can find her roaming in the zone, Misty Thicket. Give her the Earth Stained Note and she will tell you that she needs a mixture. She gives you her mixing bowl, which is a container, so you need a free slot in the inventory. She also mentions some kind of ancient bowl that she needs.

The Hardened Mixture

- You must forage 4 items that you have to combine in Ella Foodcrafter's mixing bowl.

- Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost Peaks.

- Sweetened Mudroot from Misty Thicket.

- Speckled Molded Mushroom from Innothule Swamp.

- Ripened Heartfruit from Greater Faydark.

- Combine those 4 items in the mixing bowl and you get a Hardened Mixture.

The Runed Bowl

- Talk to Alrik Farsight

He can be found in Timorous Deep. Once you zone in, cast the Egress or the Succor spell and it will take you to the Chess Island where Alrik Farsight is located. Ask him, "How do you make an ancient bowl?" and he will give you a Crushed Pot and sends you to Felwithe to talk to Farios Elianos.

If Alrik Farsight won't respond to you, you will need to raise your Keepers of the Art faction. The easiest way to do this is to do the Bat Wings quest in South Felwithe.

- Talk to Farios Elianos

You can find him in South Felwithe. He is in the Library that is behind a door in the shop. Give him the Crushed Pot and you will receive a Grocery List.

If Farios Elianos doesn't respond to you, then you will need to raise your Keepers of the Art faction. The easiest way to do this is to do the Bat Wings quest in South Felwithe.

- Merchant Nora

She can be found in North Felwithe. Give her the Grocery List and you receive in return a Bag of Provisions. Bring the Bag of Provisions back to Farios Elianos and he gives you the Receipt for the Crushed Pot.

- Head back to Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep

He will give you an Ancient Pattern when you give him the Receipt.

- The Ancient Pattern says that you have to combine it with a piece of Enchanted Clay and Platinum Speckled Powder in a pottery wheel. No skill in pottery is required.

- Platinum Speckled Powder can be obtained through another subquest. Forage a Rose of Firiona in Firiona Vie.

- Find Merdan Fleetwood in Surefall Glades.

Give her the Rose of Firiona and receive a Wood Painting.

- Find a human skeleton that roams the western part of Frontier Mountains.

Give a human skeleton the Wood Painting and you will receive a Silver Chained Locket.

- Travel back with the Silver Chained Locket you got from the a human skeleton to Surefall Glades. Give it to Niera Farbreeze and she hands you the Platinum Speckled Powder.

- Enchanted Clay can be obtained through Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim's Everhot Forge. If you ask him "What mud" and "Do it for me" he will tell you that he would like to have a colored axe for his service. The Jade Reaver that he wants can be found in the City of Mist. Hand him the Jade Reaver and you get the Enchanted Clay. If you are K.O.S. to Dwarfs, then you can do this part invisible. Go to the Kaladim's Everhot Forge and hand Kinlo Strongarm a Jade Reaver to get the Enchanted Clay.

- Combine the Ancient Pattern, the Enchanted Clay, and the Platinum Speckled Powder in any pottery wheel to make the Runecrested Bowl. No pottery skill is required.

The Stones

- Go to the Misty Thicket and hand Ella Foodcrafter the Hardened Mixture and the Runecrested Bowl. She will make a Softly Glowing Stone from it. Ella Foodcrafter tells you to find one such as yourself. For Druids, this means to seek out Foloal Stormforest.

- Find Foloal Stormforest

- Ask her "Are you one such as myself?", "What answers?" and "What about Venril Sathir?". She tells you to bring her the stone you already have from Ella Foodcrafter and the gem that can be found on Venril Sathir. - Kill Venril Sathir or Venril Sathir's Remains in Karnor's Castle and loot the Pulsing Green Stone. Venril Sathir is a lvl 55 Necromancer that can be beaten easily nowadays. In order to get the Pulsing Green Stone from Venril Sathir's Remains, you must give him a Spell: Resurrection and a Summoned: Firefly Globe that is summoned from Spell: Dance of the Fireflies.

- Give the Pulsing Green Stone and the Softly Glowing Stone to Foloal Stormforest and get a Warmly Glowing Stone. This is where the quest splits up into the Druid and the Ranger sections. Foloal Stormforest now tells you to take the stone and walk your path. The Druid's path leads back to Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket.

- Give Ella Foodcrafter the Warmly Glowing Stone and you will receive an Elaborate Scimitar. You have one of the four final pieces now. Ella Foodcrafter now asks you to collect the Cleansed Spirit of Antonica, the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer, and the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark and hand them along with the sElaborate Scimitar to Xanuusus.

The Cleansed Spirits

The Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

- Find the Withered Treant in North Karana. He tells you to find the corruption in the land.

- Kill the Corrupted Mammoth It is located in Everfrost Peaks, it is approximately level 30, and it pops near Permafrost, with Mammoth Calfs being its place holder. Loot the Chunk of Tundra. - Kill the Corrupted Aquagoblin Shaman in Lake Rathe. Its level range is in the mid-30's with the placeholders being the side spawns on top of the underwater tower. The middle spawn is for Cleric Epic, so don't bother killing it. Use wolf illusion to be non-aggro to the other goblins and since they heal each other, feel free to kite him away. It can take several Tainted Aquagoblin's to get the Corrupted Aquagoblin Shaman to spawn. Loot the Clean Lakewater.

- Kill the Corrupted Hill Giant. His level range is in the mid-30's and is located in the Rathe Mountains by the other Hill Giants. Loot the Ancient Rock.

- Give the Chunk of Tundra, the Clean Lakewater, and the Ancient Rock to the Withered Treant to receive the Warm Pulsing Treant Heart.

- Go to Yeka Ias in South Karana and give him the Warm Pulsing Treant Heart. Right as you zone in from North Karana, you will find him east of the bridge at the water. He will give you the Cleansed Spirit of Antonica.

The Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

- Find the Pained Unicorn in Lesser Faydark. He tells you to find the corruption in the land.

- Kill the Corrupted Seahorse. It can be found in Kedge Keep and is approximately level 52. You need to pass where Estrella and is where the named Seahorse, Undertow is located. Loot the Kedge Cave Crystals. Here is a picture of where the Corrupted Seahorse can spawn. The area is circled in blue.

- Kill the Corrupted Seafury Cyclops. He can be found in the Ocean of Tears and is level 52 with the placeholders being the Seafury Cyclops'. Loot the Ocean of Tears Seavines.Here is a picture of where the Corrupted Seafury Cyclops spawns. The area is circled in blue.

- Kill the Corrupted Brownie. He is located in Lesser Faydark and is approximately a level 52 druid with Brownie Scouts being the placeholders for him. Loot the Green Heartwood Branch.

- The Unicorn will give you a Gleaming Unicorn Horn for the Kedge Cave Crystals, Ocean of Tears Seavines, andGreen Heartwood Branch.

-Hand the Gleaming Unicorn Horn has to be handed to Silox Azrix in Ak'anon to get the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer. He is near the mines on the left side of the green river. There is another green gnome near him, but you can do this part with invisibility on yourself if you are K.O.S. in Ak'anon because you need no faction for Silox Azrix.

The Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

- Ulump Pujik, a Froglok in the Swamp of no Hope, North of the Froglok Village tells you to give his own essence along with the 3 corrupted things to the gnome that hurts the land.

- Kill Ulump Pujik. He is a level 55 warrior and lure spells hit for full damage. Loot the Froglok Essence. Ulump Pujik's location is marked below on the map.

- Kill the Corrupted Gorilla He is located in the Emerald Jungle and runs at SoW-speed. It spawns int he northern part of the plateau with Tottering Gorillas being the placeholder for the Tainted Gorillas, and only the non-undead Tainted Gorillas only spawning the Corrupted Gorilla. Loot the Green Tree Bark. In the map below, circled in red is where the Corrupted Gorilla can spawn. Circled in blue is a nice, safe place to camp with little or no roamers.

- Kill the Corrupted Barracuda. Its level is in the high 40's and spawns at the Loc -900, -900 in the Lake of Ill Omen. Only the blue Tainted Barracuda's will spawn the Corrupted Barracuda's. It can be pulled on the land to make it easier so you can kite it. Loot the Pure Lakewater.

- Kill Faydedar. He can be found in the Timorous Deep and can be easily killed now. Loot the Pod of Seawater.Here is a picture of where Faydedar spawns. The area is circled in red.

- Hand the Froglok Essence, Green Tree Bark, Pure Lakewater, and Pod of Seawater in to Nekexin Virulence in Overthere to get the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark. He can be found near the evil outpost at the water.

The Final Turn-In!

- Hand the Cleansed Spirit of Antonica, the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer, the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark, and the Elaborate Scimitar to Xanuusus, the treant in North Karana to receive the Nature Walker's Scimitar.

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