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Administrator Commands

Red is for all three server commands.
Blue is for Scoutzknivez server commands.
Yellow is for both Warcraft 3 server commands.

Administrator commands: This table and down

Command Description
amx_ban Ban's the player. Only ban players if you are positive they are hacking.
amx_unban Unban's the player that has been banned.
amx_banmenu Brings up a menu so you can ban people.
amx_knifesonly 0 Makes it guns and knives without a vote.
amx_knifesonly 1 Makes it knives only without a vote.
grab_toggle Uses Jedi Force Grab on the spectated player.
throw When someone is under your control, it throws the player.
amxmodmenu Shows most of the commands that you can use. This is very useful.
amx_map Changes the map
amx_vote question answer answer Makes a custom vote.
amx_cvar sv_gravity Changes the gravity.
amx_cvar sv_restartround 1 Restarts the round in 1 second.
amx_teammenu Brings up a menu to move players to other teams.
amx_say Says a message to everyone.
amx_csay Shows a message to all in the top, middle of the screen.
amx_tsay Shows a message to all in bottom, left-hand corner.
amx_psay Sends a private message to someone.
amx_slay Slays the player of your choice.
amx_slap Slaps the player of your choice for 5 damage.
amx_slapmenu Brings up a slap/slay menu.
amx_kick Kicks player right away.
amx_kickmenu Brings up a menu to kick people.
amx_votekick Makes a vote to kick a player.
amx_votemap Makes a vote to change the map.
amx_votemapmenu Shows a menu of maps to vote on.
amx_teleportmenu Brings up a menu to teleport people.
amx_nick name "new name" Changes the players name.
amx_mapmenu Brings up a menu to change the map.
amx_speechmenu Brings up a fun speech menu.
amx_who Displays the administrators of the server who are online.

Public commands: This table only

Command Description
say_team: @ message Sends a message to admins only.
war3menu Brings up the Warcraft 3 menu.
shopmenu Brings up a menu to buy items from.
shopmenu2 Brings up a menu to buy items from.
amx_help Shows you all the commands you can use.
/rank Displays your rank.
/top15 Displays the Top 15 on the server.
playerskills Displays everyones race and level.
status Displays all the players Steam ID's.

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