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  1. If a person doesnt move at any time after the 5 second buying time, hes a camper.
  2. Had a person killed you, no matter if he had sig commando and you had glock, he cheats. Accordingly, if you ran into an ambush of 8 enemies and died - they are all cheaters.
  3. If a person asks a question, he's a newbie. We don't use the word n00b because it's gay.
  4. If you are killed with a glock, it's because of the lag.
  5. Doesn't matter if another player starts swearing at you, be mature and never swear back.
    J/K ROFL!!!11
  6. If a teammate injures you or kills you, doesn't matter if you killed him the 5 rounds before, he's a TKer. You must let the admin know about him or just shout "TKer!!1"
  7. Remember: You cannot steal a weapon from a teammate. However, you can pick it from the floor once he's dead.
  8. Although not used much (because it SUX), Scout is the official weapon of [TK], buy it if you want quality t-kills.
  9. The more negative your frag score is, the more professional you are. Bottom of the list is where you belong.
  10. TK excuses are always welcomed. (see excuses page)