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I Need Your Help!

Hi and welcome.

My name is Sally Davis. I am a 45 year old Christian & I am currently undergoing Chemo. for Ovarian Cancer. I live in a small town in Arkansas.

I was told I had Ovarian Cancer in Aug. 2002. I am going through round 2 of Chemo.

I need to raise Money to Help me Pay my Bills (to catch up on everything).  

I hate asking for Help but I am so far behind.

My rent is $200.00 and I am behind 1 month on it.

My Electric Bill is over $400.00 & it is getting higher with every month.
I heat my home with Electric Heaters.

My Water Bill is $115.63.

I got way behind in everything & I am scared I can't get back on top.

Im so scared that I will be kicked out or one of my utilitys will be shut off.
To top it off I drive my self to my Chemos & as of this month I no longer have Auto Insurance.

If you can donate a 50 Cents, $1, $2, or even $5, it would be a GREAT help to me. I have a tremendous heart and have always helped other people. Now, I really need some help! So anyone out there with a big heart, I am BEGGING   "Please HELP me!".

Whatever you can do to Help would be Greatly Appreciated.

What I need the money for:


Electric Bill

Water Bill

All Donations can be made to: I also accept PayPal. Just click on the Donation Button.

Sally Davis

P.O. Box 224

Ozark, AR. 72949

If you have any questions, you can email me at and I will be happy to reply.

Thank you & I will keep the site updated.

I am asking you to Please find it in your Heart to Please Help.

Once I am back on my feet I will be more than Happy to start paying any one who Helps back, but at this time I am so far behind.

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Helping Those In Financial Need
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May God Bless You


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