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I Have not Received anymore Help. I have moved into the trailer, it is going slow but I am getting it fixed up. My Water Bill is now almost $250.00 everytime I pay on it, it just goes back up at the end of the month. The property that I put the trailer on is being foreclosed on the guy is losing his home/land--so I will have to move the trailer AGAIN! So I will have to come up with the money to move it. As for my Chemo I have to take it every 3 weeks now & I take it for 90 minutes for 5 days. Well that's all for the updating right now, I don't feel very good, so Im going to bed.


I received my First Donation Today. I received $50.00. I was given a 16x80 Trailor & the land to sit it on. Only problem is the trailor has to be gutted and remodeled. I have to replace all the floors & almost all the sheet rock has to be replaced. I need 2 toliets, bathroom sink, bathtub, counter top, 4 kitchen drawers, 2 windows, 1 door for my bathroom, the front & back door for the trailor, all plumbing pipes (and a plumber), and steps for the front. The trailor I am living in now is infested with roaches, the roof is leaking & falling in, the toliet leaks, there is nothing under the tub, so when you get in it to take a shower or a bath it feels like you are rocking on a boat, there is soft spots in the floors in almost every room so you feel like you are going to fall throught the floor. I was told I would not beable to take my Furniture because if I did I would move the roaches with me. A Electrician has Donated his time to help me wire the trailor. The plywood & the sheet rock for the Living room has been Donated.

If you can spare a Dime Please send it my way, I am in Desperate need of it, I have to be out by the end of the month.

Remember whatever you Donate God will Repay in Full!

As of 3-3-05 I have not received any Help.

I am able to accept PayPal now!

I got Truck Insurance. I took what little money I had & got it. I needed it bad since I drive 40 + miles to do my chemo.

Please find it in your heart to make a small donation. Any Donation would be Greatly Appreciated even if it is a quarter.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.


Someone signed the Guestbook (which has been deleted) I guess as a Big Joke, well I am glad to see my Cancer & me being Unable to Pay my Bills or get Insurance on my Truck is funny to some.

As of this date I have received No Help.

My roof is leeking & when I call the Landlord he says well Pay me some money & I will see what I can do, Huh if it was just that easy.

I am begining to lose Hope. Seems like everything is going down the tubes. Boy isn't it something to survive the Cancer Operation & Chemo just to have your world crash down around you.

As of 1-30-05 I have Not Received any Help.

My Bills are mounting higher & higher everyday.

I am Not like some people and asking for Help to pay off Credit Cards (because I don't have any), but I am asking for Help to Pay my Everyday Bills.

I drive 40 + Miles by myself to take my Chemo, my family doesn't help me, they are talking about putting me on a Chemo that I have to take 3 days straight in a row. Now that means I will have to drive the 40 + miles by myself each day & my Truck is a Old 1983 it has been a good truck but can't keep going the miles I bought it used about 8 years ago. Anyways I drive it without Insurance because I can Not afford Insurance-My Insurance is $149.73.

I Pray everytime I get in the vehicle that I will not have a accident.

If anyone can Help. I Promise you it would be Greatly Appreciated.

Thank you & God be with You.

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