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Quest Eddition

UPDATE!!!! you can reach me with Aol Aim at screenname ZeroCooLUR
I was fishing at Catherbay one day, with my fellow fishers of course, and I started to wounder!
What the fuck is up with that island, I looked around and I relized my one true calling!

I was ment to represent the fishers of runescape!
I was picked by some higher force in runescape to start a quest!
A quest where I would end up on the notorious mysterious island that no one knew anything about!

They say anyone who looks at the island get their eyes pulled out by snakes, but I managed to get this shot!

My mind was made up!
I was gona make it to that forbinen island and once there, pull out a flag and stick it in the ground for the name of the fishers!

At about this time I decided to express my feelings to my fellow fishers and friends! So I stood up tall and yelled as loud as I could!...
"I am going on a quest to represent you, we the fishers have been pushed around far too much! I for one will stand up and represent you the FISHERS!"
Well imedietly fallowing that statement someone said,
"True Pyro what fishing lvl are you?"

Well I shouted out with pride, "I'm lvl 75 with a fishing pot!"
and after a moment of silence, I could tell they were gathering up any words that would
corectly describe how happy they were that I was taking this challenenge on!
and the first guy to speak said!!

"Well ****, you anit representing me"
Then someone else said... "Yea maybe if you were like lvl 90 or something"
and another "Hey I will just take you there, its easy"
someone else "True Pyro your a moron"
This went on for a long time and I perfer not to post it all but the bottom line was, deep down they thought I was a great man.

Anyways I started to gather my things and get ready to set off into the unknown.

After I was ready and perpared to leave I told everyone I was ready and I was leaving.
all I could hear was..

"HEY TRUE PYRO!! EAT **** YOU **** FACE ***** ASS *******!"

O I wasnt discouraged at all! So I took one last look at my friends! posted this website a few times, and the rest is news to me!..........

Ok I wanted to get my fellow fishers to visit this site and I dont think any of them appreciated it... I am pretty sure 4 people reported me and I gathered this picture.

UPDATE!!!! Just to document my passage to the great unknown I will post this.....
the fiercest dragons of the land.... baby blues!

UPDATE!!!!! I have officaly made it past the black demons and past some, for now the extremly mysterious dragons, and I have made it to the island!
I am thinking about posting some picutures of the creatures who lurke at the bottom of the ladder on the island,
but I have been instructed by JaGex and many clasified people that posting such pictures will only keep you up at night for fear of sleep!

LOL on my first try at these HUGE beasts that drool fear that lands on me, I got a Half Key, thanks to all the fishers who suported me!
I just got a Rune wepon, pictures ADDED!!

From pk redrum kp: "I think true pyro is the most bravest hunter in all of runescape and i would be proud if he represented me as one of his fan fishers all the people who don't support him should just go to hell"

Many people have told me i should never post a picture of these mysterious creatures who live at the mysterious island.
But i have to stand up for whats right! So HERE YOU GO!!!
LvL 200 so you know!

UPDATE!! My days in the dragon pit are becomming long are stressfull,
I just now witnessed 3!! people die..
i Gathered up there goods and I have decided to go pay my respects....

UPDATE!!! On a sadder note I have dicied i have seen to many deaths in the dragon pit.
I am pulling back to the feirce baby blue dragons.
I will go back to the dragon pit once I have prayed enough for my fallen comrads :(
This means lvl 45 prayer by the way!

Heres my last pic and its of the feirce baby blues!,

The latest drop party held by my fans for me killing the dragons!