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RIGEL's Family Photos
-Page Two-


Hi! It's me again. I've learned a lot since my last Photo Album - like how to use a razor and toilet paper. You can see that I grew some hair also. Doc shared his Rogaine.


This is my foster parent (mom got sent to jail and when she gets out is not allowed near condoms), Sylvia. Our house is the porta-potty in the background. It's cramped and stinky but mom rubs her deodorant around the poo at the bottom to cover up the smell. She says that's how we rednecks live. We also use the deodorant for food and sometimes for our armpits.


Any one of the above men/transsexuals could be my father, but my mom is almost sure it's the first one.


This is Samantha. She is a frequent user of the porta-john we live in. Here you can see her defecating.

Here is my sister's ex boyfriend, Bernie. He is now engaged to Sylvia and will get married in a few months. I get to be the ring bearer. He could be a garbage man someday (with a little luck).

This is a baby picture of me. Mom always said I was cuter than all of my brothers and sisters. "If only the package came with brains," she always sighed.


This man always comes to clean out our toilet. He only comes by at night and his job has given him some physical defects. That is not his natural skin color.


This is Angel, who looks anything but. She is the grandmother of the toilet man. She has liver cancer.


This man above is one of my brothers, Avrum. He think's he's Elvis and snaps at people who calls him Avrum.


This is Avrum's wife, Tina. Through her purchases, she was the reason McDonalds gives away a million dollars a way every year with their Monopoly game. To her right is Avrum's son, Brad. When he was born he couldn't breath, so he was put on life support, which he survived on for 4 months. Thereafter, he survived on an oxygen tank for two years. When he was 7 he was struck by lightning while using a phone.


This is Voss, my other brother. He is also my uncle. Voss consumes rat poison.



This is Emerald. She is my brother/uncle's wife (my sister in law). Her weight and mass both gives her extreme gravity, so it is not surprising that cars sometimes stick to her. I call her a reverse human.


This is my current girl friend. I love her. She's so cute, isn't she? Magnets are attracted to her head.


This is Super Fucking Fat Woman. She saved me when my Bell South truck fell off the road and my car was stranded above certain death.

This is Super Fucking Fat Woman's side kick, The Super Fucking Bearded Transexual.

This is Coyote, one of the lesbians I rent a house with. She got the name when she sat on some poor child and he howled. When she was born she came out ass first but no one could tell the difference... until she blasted a big one out on the doctor.

This is the other lesbian I am roomates with. Her name is Adonis, but in bed she is called Space Golem. She makes me tingle and can operate the washing machine.

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