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Welcome Onboard the Light Cruiser Enigma

8 July 2002
"Turn my head its back to bed with no delay,
Can't be bothered by the phone ten times a day,
Why get up my morning doesn't even start till two?
Forget reality waking up is hard to do."
Hmm, that oughta be my theme song... =) I've just been tweaking the site for the most part over the past month, so if you haven't noticed the changes, I don't blame you. Screwing around with subdirectories and such is getting rather old though. I just went through the site and came up with half a page of changes I'm gonna try to implement in the following weeks, possibly months, depending on how much time I get on the computer. Between soccer and fixing Cessnas, the time online seems to be dwindling. So, if you were curious (doubt it) that's what I was up to. Ciao!


The other day, my little brother insisted that we call each other by our names backward (no clue why...) so I was called Zat for 24 hours. *shudders*

8 May 2002

Ouch! Two months! You've gotta be kidding me. Alrighty, well I'm back so all life may continue. Eh, guess it already has. I've been quite preoccupied with school and what not, but I DO have a good excuse. Umm, just let me think of it... Okay, so maybe I don't, but that makes no difference. Ah, yes it does, and you know why? Because I just remembered my excuse! Hehe, kinda difficult to forget too. One word: summer. Actually two, because with summer comes: move. So there you have it. All the way from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Merritt Island, Florida! *looks at guestbook* You know this is kinda scary. Only a handful of people have signed, and two are FROM Merritt Island! Well one is from RS, so he doesn't really count (no offense Saith), but still. *turns on Twilight Zone music* Ah, much better. I now pledge that I will do something to this website. Not sure what, but something. And I'll do it soon... or at least before 2003. C'mon give me a little leeway. Wow! That was a lot of writing. *goes off to do something less demanding on his fingers* j/k ¡Hasta luego!


3 March 2002

Sorry for nothing in the past for days... weeks... months. Whoops. Okay, so the site kinda slipped my mind. I'm working on it. Nobody tell Vlad, he'll kill me. Hmm, actually, he never did much work on it himself. Better stop ranting, people might think I'm going crazy. "Too late!" cries my brother, reading over my shoulder seconds before I thwap him. MWAHAHA! I have returned! >:P


Who is now quite annoyed since his substitute teacher actually had the guts to call him "Tasco" Grr...

3 January 2002

Hey everyone! Taz here- As some of you know, Vlad moved to Michigan, so although he should be here off and on, he's pretty much handed the site over to me. I've been kinda busy so things are going fairly slow around here, but I'm doing my best to update. Thanks very much to everyone who's visited, especially those who've left comments, suggestions, fanfic, or reviews. And if you haven't... then you'd better do something quick to stay on my good side. =) Prospero año nuevo!


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