The Real Thick CD Collection Volumes 5 and 6

This CD collection is comprised mainly of TV captures of thick, beefy men. To see what I see as thick and beefy, please stop by and join my Yahoo! group: Real Thick and check out the photos and files.
On the front page of the Real Thick group, you will also see links to other groups of mine. If you like what you see in my groups, this Real Thick CD collection will not disappoint.
I'll be steadily coming out with new volumes as I collect new video clips.

Onto the CD collection...

There's 2 full CD-r's (1.4GB) of sharp TV captures in formats .MPG, and .AVI video formats.
Below is an actual screen capture of the files on each CD in list format. I've named each file so it's easy to identify who and what is in each clip

CD Volume 5 List
Click the link below to view inside the CD collection
Volume 5 List

CD Volume 6 List
Click the links below to view inside the folders. Use your backspace key or left arrow button on your browser to get back to this main page after viewing the list
CFL Football List
NFL Europe List
Strongman List
Television captures list
Wrestling clips List

Video Clips

Below are video clips from this collection.

Please do not direct link the video clip files into emails, web forums, newsgroups etc. Use this webpages' link please:

Right Click, 'save target as' the links below.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6

Get Your Copy

If you are interested in getting a copy of The Real Thick Collection volume 5 and 6 for a small fee, or have questions, email me your mailing address or question to:

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