[ June 14. 02 ]
Last day of school!! =( VERY SAD now, ill never go to the same school of the people going to rochester n adams! but YAY its over! .. wellz. today after school venez picked meh up, but my sister up first.. and they came like at 11! grr u guys! haha jk. & went to jons after till 12:38 .. we were supposed to leave at 12:30.. but we left 8 mins after! ha. n ate MICROWAVED blueberry waffles!! cos jon didn't know that we had to put it in the toaster! haha! veRY COOL!! . . then went to cmae's stayed there for 15-20 mins.. n went back to venez n stayed there for like 45-60 mins.. n THEN went to alvyns! stayed there for about 5 hours.. watched ppl break n stuffs.. n went to great lakes @ 7:something - 10:something in game works to see the breakin battle! very COOL! n i paied for cathy's A & W. cos i cheated when she was getting her money out! n then i ordered n she cheated! grr very EE i have to give her 982347 moneys cos i wanted to! n i went to the bathroom n it was only me n this ladee n she kept on farting! haha i was laughing inside it was very EEEEE!! haha very COOL farting girl!! & when we were eating at GLC.. the very cool 20 yrold man was helping the lil baybe cos she lost her mommy!!!! vERY COOL MAN! i wanna hug!! :) . poke SANDY!! . <--i already knew that it was u!! HAHA! n jame is very COOL bcos he put 5 pieces of cinnaburst gum in his mouth! haha very COOL u!

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