time for u 2 get excited!! haha! u kno that im only "JJWYAKAJKJP" with you!
[APRIL 07. 02]
EE VER KEWL DAY!! hahah very kewl very much a lot maraminess kewling! HAHAH guess whatt!? whos very KEWL? jr ate n me are very kewl becuz we fighted for SHOTTY in MANDEES CAR for like 10 mins! HAHAH Very kewl! but guess what!? jr got it. =(...EE n i got to mandees car first but jr called for it but do i care!? haha noo!! ee very EE kewl!! haha. then ate had his keyz so she opened the car n cheated n jr tried to carry her out n i wanted to sit n shut n lock the door but i couldn't cuz jr's fingers was there! HAHA yuck..but then jr got it. EEE!! hahah but oh well i had shotty after from bliss, WINDOW SHOPPING FROM MANDEES CAR, "driving AROUND" aka driving 2 times in a circle in the church parking lot.. since ate said we have a lot of time so we should drive around! HAHAH yuck ver kewl! hehe, to lil ceasers or whatever! HAHAH . pangit JR had shotty twice. i was supposed to get it after glc! ee pangit boy! hahah .. ee very kewl if u have a car n no one fights over shotty (like fighting sitting on eachother n hitting and getting your pants dirty HaHa) that means ur not special! hehe just kidding ur very special!! hahaha .. hehe okes i feel like eventing today!! hahah cuz im bored! =) buh beys ttylz .. EE shotty is very kewl in mandees car..oh yeah n thanku jr for giving me someof ur food! hahah. U wannta know my secret jr? HAHAH . k i gave u my food n waited for you to be almost done with it n ask u for some of yours cuz i didn't feel like spending $2.99! HAHAH ee im very eeeeeeeeeeee!

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