NESSA --> is what people CALL me
THIRTEEN --> is how YOUNG i am
248z of MI --> is where u can FIND me @
17th of SEPTEMBER --> is when i was first CREATED
about 4'11" --> is how SHORT i am
84 LBS --> is how HEAVY i am
8th --> is what GRADE im in
hart middle --> is what SCHOOL i go to
2006 --> is when i will most likly graduate
100% --> is how much FILIPINO is in me
xpnayangelettx --> is where u can FIND me on AA
your page, my MODEMING cable, when u sign my gbook, food, a lot of food, flip & chinese food, SUMO-WAN aka SUMO-JUMAWAN, the big card, my songs, when we have no school, friends, family, cheri ann's recordings, portables, summer, 007:011:001, partees, ddr, bust a groove, bubble tea, my keys, makin micah his "H" (btw..i made u 3 more H's! LOL haha), grafXpnayz, the lif, claire designs, goin online, watchin friends @ 8:00PM on thurs, *mavis beacon - teaches typing* LOL haha!, paint, typing 119 WPM, my I AM LOVED buddy icon, IAMLOVED buttons/pins, t nantea's black caddy, northwest airlines [LoLZ], MY north carolina sweatshirt, MY size: Small - hart track sweatshirt...morE --> these are most of my LIKES
umbrellaz, rude & mean peeples, when u come to my page and don't sign my gbook, copy & paste messages BUT i guess they'r ok cuz atleast i get entries =), i dislike how my DDR mats r gone LOL haha, when no ones online, wakin' up @ 4:55AM, how my bus comes at 6:35AM, science, my drama teacher, american history, other airlines besides north west, tha moo moo, braces, my clarinet, size 3 reeds, rock, peeples who lie about their age, smokers, "drugs but only the bad kinds" <-- but thast my dislike tOo!, cheesecake @ bliss, MS PAINT..MORE! --> these are most of my DISLIKES

[ c ont a c ts ]
IM me @ p1nay x ta C --> AIM
EMAIL ME @ p1nay_bebe@hotmail.com

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