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Junior ROTC is a full-year elective course at North Miami Senior High School taught by military personnel. Junior ROTC is taught at selected public and private schools throughout the US. Our student enrollment is currently over 280 cadets.

Goal: Motivate and Develop Young People
The mission  of Junior ROTC is to motivate young people to be better Citizens.
To accomplish this mission, it combines classroom instruction and extracurricular activities oriented on attaining an awareness of the rights. responsibilities and privileges of citizenship: developing the student's (cadet's) sense of personal responsibility: building life skills: and providing leadership oppotunities.

What Junior ROTC is not ...
Cadets are organized into units along military lines and are taught by retired military personnel, but JROTC does not recruit students for military service. Instead its focus is on developing young people and orienting them positively in preparation for whatever role in life they might choose.

The JROTC Curriculum
The curriculum, taught by retired military professionals, includeds
. Communication Skill
. Leadership
. Physical Fitness
. First Aid, Drug Abuse Prevention
. History, Citizenship
. Technology Awareness
. ...and many others

Junior ROTC awards academic grades, but its true measures of success are the young people it motivates to stay in school and graduate, develop the personal confidence and pride in self to avoid drugs and other negative peer pressures, and attain life skills that enhance success after graduation.