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NCW - National Championship Wrestling

Save It Dad!
The Heat of the big match on Hardcore TV seems to be splitting Vince McMahon and his all grown up girl further apart, Stephanie made her way to see her Dad again giving him a piece of her mind and on top of that she made a good few comments about her opponents Trish Stratus and Sable!  Trish Stratus is clearly the one getting under the skin of her with playing mind games with her father it seems... Sable is trying to push Stephanie off the edge it seems as well but how will all this go down in the match?
F**k Authority!
Stone Cold Steve Austin made his presence felt as he turned up to the arena raising some hell and Vince McMahon has clearly stated that nothing will get in the way of his new found love in ECW... Stone Cold was bringing his brand of nonsense which was getting under the skin of Steve Austin and McMahon took action by getting the cops to Stone Cold... After Stone Cold refused to be took downtown easily he resorted to physical violence against the authority police officers which later got Austin put in jail... How will this effect Stone Cold in the Battle Royal?  Will he even be out of jail for then for hitting the cops? Only time will tell but it seems Stone Cold is back to his old ways!  
Heart Breaker
After Kevin Nash beat up an unsuspecting Shawn Michaels last week Shawn Michaels released information to a member of staff that he will infact be going to get his revenge this week on Hardcore TV.   Shawn Michaels has been wanting to team up with someone since he joined and Kevin Nash beat him up for asking but Shawn Michaels has said that he has got an "old friend" to back him up in kicking the crap out of Nash.... Will this news here make Kevin Nash more suspecting to being ambushed than HBK was? Well there is only one thing that has to be said and that is for HBK... Payback is a bitch!! 


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