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Discover the Colors of EmotionFlower Therapy
The power of color is well established. Throughout time, nature’s spectrum has played a vital role in areas that significantly impact our everyday lives, from the color of our walls, to our clothes, to our cars – and, even more meaningfully, our emotional responses. In this realm, color may be more essential to our consciousness than we realize.

International color expert Leatrice Eiseman, who has earned international acclaim for her five book titles, including Colors for Your Every Mood and The Color Answer Book, has unearthed the philosophy of Flower Therapy. Learn about Flower Therapy.

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Discover the colors of emotion through Flower Therapy
International color expert Leatrice Eiseman reveals how flowers bring feelings to life
Flowers & plants improve workplace productivity
Texas A&M University research tells us how
Flowers make us happier
Rutgers University research scientifically proves it
Society of American Florists   Floral arrangements featuring bold, contrasting colors set an upbeat tone and are ideal for graduations and other celebrations. More Flower Therapy tips. FAQs
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