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~*~MiZz TiNa'Z PaYgE~*~

OtHeR PaYgEs

~*MY LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*~
~*HoMiEz Fo LyFe*~
~*KiNg ArEsIzO N QuEeN TiNa*~
~*KiNg ArEsIzO'z PaYgE*~
~*ReAd ThA G-BoOk*~
~*SiGn ThA G-BoOk*~

WaTs PoPpIn
DiS Yo GurL
MiZz TiNa
WeLcOmE 2 My PaGe
N DoNt 4GeT
2 SiGn Da G-BoOk!
~*MuCh LuV N Peace*~

A Poem For My Babe

I can picture you, forever in my life
Me walking down the aisle, taking my vows as your wife
To have and to hold, till death do us part
I promise to be faithful, to only you i give my heart
Just one look into your eyes, and i know its meant to be
You're all i need in this world, you make my life complete
You're the one i live life for, and the one i always miss
You're the one who makes me smile, who steals my breath with just one kiss
Where would i be, in this world without you?
Our love is so divine, our love is so true
You're my sunshine in my rainy day, you're the apple of my eye
You're the fresh air i breath, if i don't have you i'll die
Don't let no one come between us, just us forever hand in hand
Our love is for eternity, true everlasting romance
Baby you're my king, ya sabes que te amo
I wrote this just for you, Love always Mizz Montano

I HoPe YoU EnJoYeD aLL Da PiX MoRe WiLL CoMe SoOn DoNt 4GeT 2 SiGn Da G'z BoOk~