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Ancient world, latin, latin texts, archaeology, latin news, dictionaries, latin mottoes, classical organizations, essays

Here you will see some pages on classical studies, ancient history, ancient rome, also classics, latin-english dictonaries (dictionary list). Also, you will find links to several classical and archaeological organizations, archaeological dig sites (for those interested in archaeology/archeology). Latin news, texts, phrases, and mottoes are available for the learners of latin language. You can also read some essays on ancient history, or check out the german language learning tools.

Nefer Seba homepage
Resources on classical studies, Latin language, and archaeology (Latin dictionaries, phrases and mottoes, Classical and archaeological organizations, excavation/dig sites, encyclopedias on the topic, etc.)

Ancient world (classical studies)
Ancient section of Nefer Seba
Online resources on Classical Studies, Latin language, and archaeology (Latin dictionaries, phrases and mottoes, Classical and archaeological organizations, excavation sites, encyclopedias on the topic, etc.)
If you are interested in classical studies, or ancient history, or ancient rome, or classics, or dictionary sites, or looking for an archaeological or a classical organization, check out this site. It is also meant for those interested in archaeology (archeology), latin news, text, texts, phrases, mottos, latin language, in general, and some ancient history essays.

home pages on the topic of ancient egypt

sa-seba @ an ancient egyptian home page, with a little bit on egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Tullia pug page of Tullia the pug dog.


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