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Bayonet Ammunition Pouch Cleaning Kit Sling

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Accessories

General overview of accessories. Click on an item to view details.

As with any military rifle the Mosin Nagant M91/30 had accessories to help improve its function. Below is a description of some of these. Click on any detail image for a larger view.



The bayonet of the M91/30 was a throwback to another era. It was a cruciform spike bayonet, basically the same design at the M91's bayonet, with the exception of an improved catch. This was an antiquated design that by most nation's standards was obsolete years before. To affix the bayonet, the user pushed it over the muzzle, depressing the spring-loaded catch (left), and rotated it 90 degrees (right). Due to the large profile of the bayonet so close to the muzzle, attachment of the bayonet changes point of impact of the bullet.

Ammunition Pouch:

The ammunition pouch was a standard two-pocket affair (left). Each side can hold 4 - five round stripper clips of 7.62x54r ammunition. This example is a typical post-war pebble grain material with leather trim. Earlier pouches may have been made of leather. The straps that attach the pouch to the belt can be opened for installation (center). The inside flap is marked with the year of production (right).

Cleaning Kit:

The cleaning kit contained several items. The first is the cleaning rod which is stored in groove in the stock under the barrel. There is a threaded receptacle near the receiver which holds the rod in place. This rod itself is not long enough to fit through the entire barrel, so a "buddy system" was used to clean. Two rods could be threaded together. This system may or may not have been true, as I've never seen a coupler of any kind. The other possibility is that the barrel was cleaned one end at a time.

The next item is the muzzle protector. This cap fit over the muzzle, protecting the muzzle crown from cleaning rod wear in an attempt to maintain accuracy of the rifle. Other cleaning rod accessories include a standard patch jag, and a tube and pin to serve as a cleaning rod handle. See assembly picture (right). There is a dual-compartment oil bottle that likely held oil and powder solvent.

Finally, there is a takedown tool that served as a screwdriver for removal of the trigger guard assembly. It also served as a firing pin protrusion gauge. The firing pin depth could be adjusted on the Mosin bolt, preventing punctured primers or rounds failing to go off.


The Mosin sling is quite unique. There are grooves cut through the stock at both ends of the rifle. These are lined with thin metal (left). The sling consists of an adjustable fabric strap (right) with loops in each end. There are small leather "dog collars" that attach the sling loops to the stock grooves.

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