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Welcome to my Web site!

Hi! Welcome to the website formerly known as Ryan's web the form Ryanly known get the idea. This is my site. There you go. If you care that much, my picture is on the about me page, along with a short description. The Fireworks and Flash stuff I did in my Web Page Design class are in the Photo Gallery (Fireworks) and the Flash pages. If you want to see what are some of my favorite sites and check them out, then look at the Favorites page. If you want to say something about my site, go to the Feedback page. My web sites for WPD (Web Page Design) are on the WPD Sites page. The Emergency exits are located at the top of the page, please do not Use any electronic equipment until the pilot has turned on the light telling you that you may. Thank you for flying Ryan Airlines, we realize that you have a choice in choosing airlines, unfortunately you picked the wrong one.

Contact me at my email if you want.


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