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Joy White for United States Senate

Welcome to the Online Campaign Headquarters of Joy S. White for United States Senate. Joy is a conservative Democrat originally from Anchorage who would like your help in sending this career politician to Washington to represent the people of Alaska!



Joy Salinas White was born to Portuguese immigrants in Anchorage, Alaska in 1964. Her father was a salmon boat-worker who instilled strong ethics and values in his daughter at an early age. After gaining a full scholarship to pursue a political science degree at the University of Alaska at Juneau, Joy came to the lower 48 to complete her graduate program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Here she met and married John R. White, and they now have two beautiful children, Alice and Mark.

Originally a registered Republican, Joy now prides herself as a conservative Democrat who supports members of her party such as Senator John Breaux from Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, while still working towards bi-partisanship closely with President Bush. Strongly pro-education, pro-environment, and pro-defense, Joy is ready to better the lives of all the citizens of our great state. Currently a State Representative in the Alaskan State Assembly, Joy continues to fight for the rights of the working Alaskan and would like your help in representing the views of this beautiful state in Washington, DC.

Education, Defense, Environment

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