M1 Clip Restoration Project

The goal of our project is to work together and salvage these clips that would otherwise be scrapped, and to put them back in the hands of shooters who can appreciate them. We refinish and refurbish the rifles, and it is disturbing to think of all these clips going to waste if they can be salvaged, and as you can see here, most of them will clean up nicely!

So here is the deal - If you donate any quantity of your rusty clips to our range, we will Strip, Sandblast, and Re-parkerize them all to look like new, and we will send half of them back to you - Re-parked! I am hoping to hold the offer open long enough to give everyone who wants to a chance to participate, but I can't make a career out of saving rusty clips, so for a short time only, this will be our small contribution to the group effort. Contact me at the e-mail address below for details and to reserve your spot.

Rusty Clips Before