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Singin' 'n Swingin'

Hello all you excellent and groovy people out there. My name is Phil, though some know me as Jazzman Johnny(Don't ask). I am an independent singer/songwriter pursuing a career in jazz. From the first moment I heard the vocalese of Kurt Elling, which to this day remains my favorite singer, I have wanted to sing jazz. I have been researching many jazz vocalists like Mark Murphy and Jon Hendricks who Elling has cited as his mentors. I hope to record an album in the near future of me singing, playing guitar(on an instrumental piece or two). The band is forever changing so get hip to the players list. It will keep you up to date on who is with me for the meantime and if that changes. I am planning on gigging around town as well. I will keep you all up to date on my career as a singer and song writer. Thank you all and keep swingin'. You dig?

The Current Players

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