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IF I bother you so much while you are sleeping GO TO BED! That ceiling should have been fixed long ago. Isn't like anyone can watch TV anyway with your snoring drowning out the sound.

NO!! I WAS HUNGRY! And every meal is a binge so whats new with that? I still get hungry just like a "normal" person. Me and Ash shouldnt have to walk on egg shells or go to bed because YOU think it is bed time.

IF I made the truth sound horrible then so be it. It wasnt a "well time to binge" I WAS HUNGRY! I had ate NOTHING SINCE LUNCH. Besides, that isnt the point. I really don't think a person should have to have your permission or blessings to eat, this IS my home to no matter how much you want to claim I have moved into my moms. Seems you have developed a "control" issue in your old age. YOU say when someone eats? YOU say when everyone goes to bed? YOU would say exactally what I wear daily if I'd let you! I could go on but I won't It would only be a waste of time, because you think you are right no matter what. You even jumped on Ash for fixing her lunch one evening.

I am 43 years old and I sure dont need anyone jumping me if I decide I want to eat. (Binge or no Binge) it isn't like you weren't aware when you married me I AM BULIMIC....I made you perfectly aware of my ED.

NOW, sleep on the couch all you want, I don't care. But Ash and I are going to live a somewhat "normal" life....We WILL eat or cook when we want reguardless of Mark Akers "rules of the house."

I am aware that you no longer Love me and havnt for quite a while BUT you don't have to make our lives miserable. YES seems we are both miserable. I would have never dreamed that this is what our older years would bring. You were even so unsure you had the Monte Carlo put in your name only. I'm not stupid the loan is in your name but the car could have had both on it. Best hurry and sell that rag top so I'll have nothing. Not that I care, I am fully aware of how this will end. That car dont feel like it is mine, i'm only driving it. But I do appreciate you letting me drive it. This time you are the one who will get to go on with their life, it will be me who struggles to exist. I also know our daughter will want to stick around you as you will have money and I wont. That is ok too. It is beginning to look like struggling and living wherever I can find would be better that fighting all the time.

And I thought our older years would be filled with walking hand in hand and doing things together. HAHAHA.... fooled me didnt ya?