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Alpha Kappa Alpha History

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated was organized on the Campus of Howard University in Washington, DC. Soror Ethel Hedgeman Lyle instituted her ideas of forming " association of women students through which the talents and strengths of these students could be organized for the mutual benefit of all." On January 15, 1908, the organization of Alpha Kappa Alpha began, and now, ninety-three years later, her legacy continues to endure. Today, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is one of the most abounding corporations controlled by African-American women.

Our beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded by Soror Marjorie Hill, Soror Lucy Diggs Slowe, Soror Lillie Burke, Soror Beulah E. Burke, Soror Ethel Hedgeman Lyle, Soror Anna Easter Brown, Soror Marie Woolfolk Taylor, Soror Margaret Flagg Holmes, Soror Lavinia Norman, Soror Norma Boyd, Soror Ethel J. Mowbray, Soror Alice P. Murray, Soror Sarah M. Nutter, Soror Joanna Berry Shields, Soror Carrie E. Snowden, and Soror Harriet Terry. Our Sorors created what is now a union of thousands of educated and motivated, talented and ambitious women who are bound by a powerful mystique, often imitated, but never duplicated.

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Iota Omicron History

The Iota Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated was founded at the College of Charleston on May 4, 1975. Iota Omicron's charter members are: Soror Katie Catalon, Soror Cecilia Cunningham-Rogers, Soror Cheryl Gadson, Soror Rosalind Fripp Riley, Soror Rosita Ross, Soror Trudy Tall, Soror Emma Frasier, Soror Sharon Sanders, Soror Patricia Green, and Soror Lou Esther Smalls. The first Graduate Advisor of Iota Omicron was Former South Atlantic Regional Director, Soror Vertelle Middleton.

Iota Omicron strives to uphold the motto of our beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha, Service to All Mankind, by extensively working in our communities participating in various service projects such as the "Walk for the Cure," a Diabetes fundraiser. Iota Omicron sponsors an "Appreciation Day" for Campus Service Workers and also an annual campus Blood/Marrow Drive. Our chapter also hosts Community Health Fares, Black Family Forums, and Informationals for Economic Development. Also maintaining the importance of education and mentoring, Iota Omicron volunteers at the Cannon Street Y, The Boys and Girls Club, and with the local Upward Bound program.

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The Membership Hierarchy

Officers of Iota Omicron

effective Spring 2002

Vice- President
Financial Secretary
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Corresponding Secretary
Membership Chairperson
Membership Co-Chair
Door Keeper
Kiana Sullivan
Trinice Bowens
Amber Elmore
Erica James
Kiwana Gibbs
Rashida Dennis
Harveen Soodan
Tiffany Turton
Jessica Saxon
Karen Wilson
Alexandria Eikner
Kalenia Franklin

General Members of Iota Omicron

Angele Douglas
Candice Jones
LaToya Moore
Lyndsey Moses
Crystal Thompson

Graduate Advisors

Thuane Fielding
Gretchen Morgan

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Campus Involvement

Up-Coming Events
      The Iota Omicron Chapter would like to thank the College of Charleston and community for helping make the 2001-2002 school year another success. Check back for upcoming events for Fall 2002!!

On-Going IO Events
         Tutoring with Upward Bound
         Mentoring with the Trident Urban League
         Working in conjunction with the MUSC Gives Back Program
         Mentoring at Memminger Elementary
         Crisis Ministries

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Famous Sorors

Marian Anderson
Maya Angelou
Angie Brookes
Dr. Gwendolyn C. Baker
Diahann Carroll
Marva Collins
Ella Fitzgerald
Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant
Star Jones
Dr. Mae Jemison
Coretta Scott King
Gladys Knight
Toni Morrison
Jessye Norman
Sonia Norwood
Rosa Parks
Jada Pinkett
Phylicia Rashad
Roxie Roker
Sonia Sanchez
Leah Tutu
Diane Watson
Alice Walker
Lynn Whitfield

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The Illustrious Lineage

Fall 1994
5 Faces Of An Ivy
1.Kyshone Hunter
2. Tiffany Green
3. Stacy Murray
4. Felicia Campbell
5. Sonya Hale

Fall 1996
Initialed in Pearls
1. J. Celeste Greene
2. Maschinda Middleton
3. Edwina Edwards

Fall 1997
14 Degrees of Sisterhood
1.Camilla Crump
2.Erin Thomas
3.Shannon Johnson
4.Schevelle Thomas
5.Erica Truesdale
6.Kendra Saunders
7.Nyoka Dunbar
8.Shenise Shorter
9.Tracey Lewis
10.Shameka Rogers
11.Nadia Lofton
12.Whitnei Anderson
13.Angel Bryant
14.Tonya Squireswell

Spring 1998
Scented Pearls
1.Kenosha Clark
2.Carlo Goodson
3.Katrina Bruce
4. Olivia Golden

Fall 1998

In Loving Memory of our deceased Sorors Edwina Edwards and Erica Truesdale.
We Love You! Your memory will also live in our hearts and in our Chapter!
God Bless!

Earthly vessels embracing a heavenly soul.
Dwelling amongst mere mortals.
Camouflaging a destiny that would one day unfold.
Vitality they did possess.
Confidence, Elegance, Determination, Happiness.
They touched those around them and because
They graced us with their presence, we are all blessed.
Holy Temples of God.
Majestic queens adorned with pearls of divinity and honor.
Gone like the wind.
A loss of a friend, but the gain of a heavenly guardian.
Angelic beings peering down from the sky.
Asking that you no longer mourn, that you no longer cry and
Saying, "Rejoice in the joy that we shared while I was there on Earth
And one day we'll meet again to laugh and chat a while
With my father on high."
by: Soror Carlo Goodson

Spring 1999
Originators of the Game
1.Courtney Bethea
2.Charnequa Austin
3.Ketrena Kirkland
4.Asheley Tia Bolden
5.Lisa Lide
6.Keisa Hines
7.Ajanaclair Lynch

Fall 1999
Nature's Fury
1.Karen Manning
2.Tawana Hayes
3.Chaquilla Jamison
4.Jacklyn Jenkins
5.Marrinique Ferguson

Spring 2000
The 7 Hidden Psyches
1.Nicole Green
2.Tametria Gadson
3.Malinda Bennett
4.Miracle Smith
5.Kimberly Drayton
6.Letitia Bolds
7.Kiwana Gibbs

Fall 2000
Picture Perfect
1.LaToya Moore
2.Lyndsey Moses
3.Trinice Bowens
4.Ashley Brown
5.Shawnta Bradley
6.Tiffany Turton
7.Melody Graham
8.Shayla Abrams
9.Kiana Sullivan

Fall 2001
Revelations 11:'08
1.Kalenia Franklin
2.Erica James
3.Rashida Dennis
4.Alexandria Eikner
5.Angele Douglas
6.Crystal Thompson
7.Harveen Soodan
8.Candice Jones
9.Karen Wilson
10.Amber Elmore
11.Jessica Saxon

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