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July 23, 2001 3:31pm EST
Posted By Drakan

Well, I don't know if Aragorn is still here but I am... the site may suck, and might be really slow getting ready, but I will stick with it. We might however change to a different theme. I want a Starcraft theme but Aragorn doesn't... grr. Anyways, I opened the links section a few days ago, but forgot to write the update... So see ya.

July 19, 2001 2:10pm EST
Posted By WraithPilotJohn

Hey. I made the buttons and the forum, and now I am resigning from the site 'cause I'm just too damn lazy to do anything else. Bye.

July 16, 2001 11:48pm EST
Posted By Drakan

Aragorn, I don't know if I will =P. Anyways, I added 6 videos to the video section, and a disclaimer at the bottom so we don't get sued.

July 15, 2001 11:48pm EST
Posted By Aragorn

Hmmm... Drakan would you quit it? I am NOT the bad guy people, Drakan just like to make it seem that way. Anyways, I have put most of the updates into an archive page.. They were just too long. See bottom.

July 14, 2001 11:31pm EST
Posted By Drakan

I put up some cheats for starcraft (I would make a link to it here but a) I'm too lazy and b) Aragorn is bit... *looks to the side* Okay okay, I won't swear! Aragorn wants to do something on the site. BTW I just got back from vacation (again). And Aragorn seems to think that the U in *looks around* that DIRTY DIRTY word is multiple letters when we look at his censoring my rant. And well I was supposed to leave wasn't I? See ya!

July 13, 2001 3:43am EST
Posted By Aragorn

I put up a video. Most of you probably have seen this movie, but come here and see it again! I will be putting most of these updates onto an archive page soon, it is getting a bit lengthy.

July 10, 2001 8:45pm EST
Posted By

The forum is back up.

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