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City view from see, tower with flame on pack, green pack (20 cig.) (1950-60s)

Red pack with two horses (25 cig.) (1950-60s)

Б Α Λ Κ Α Η (soft pack)

Ш И П Κ Α 1877 (soft pack)

Α Ρ Δ Α (soft pack)

Г Ε Ρ Ц Ε Г Ο В Н Η Α Φ Л Ο Ρ (25 cig.) (1960-70s)

Λ Ю Κ С (25 cig.) (1950-60s)

Б Ο Г А Т Ъ І Ρ И (25 cig.) (1950-60s)

Λ Ε Η И Η Г Ρ Α Д (10 cig.) (1950-60s)

П А М И Р (20 cig.) (1950s)

I Е Н И Н І Р А Д С К И Е Cigarettes filter (1980s)

American Legend Lights

Atotab (soft pack)

Belomorkanal (very old)

Belomorkanal (25 cig.) (1980s)

Bond Street

Drug (20 cig.) (1950-60s)

Еbpo Street (Evro Street) Filter kings

Java (Yava) ЗОΛОТАЯ

Ka 4 (blue box) (25 cig.) (1940-50s)

Ka 4 (green box) (25 cig.) (1940-50s)

Ka 4 (brown box) (25 cig.) (1940-50s)

Laika (soft pack)

LD Lights (Liggett-Ducat)

LD Super lights (Liggett-Ducat)

L&M Filter

L&M Filter (with health warning on front and back of the pack)

L&M Filter Box (old Imported to Russia)

L&M Menthol

L&M Lights

L&M Lights (with health warning on front and back of the pack)

L&M Super lights


Marlboro Lights

Marlboro Lights menthol

Maxima Classic

Monte Carlo Filters K.S

Moscow (20 cig.) (1940-50s)

Nevskie (soft pack) (1980s)

NL Lights

North Star K.S Box Blend of U.S.A. (red pack)

North Star K.S Box American blend (white-red pack)

Novostir Filter

Pagonu (soft pack) (1980s)

Pall Mall Lights Charcoal filter (ВРАГИ СКУКИ written on the plastic cover)

Parliament Lights (Recessed filter, Charcoal)

Peter 1

Prima King size


Prima Kлассика

Record Cigarettes (25 cig.) (1940s)

Rothmans Pall Mall Export

Saint George

Saint George Lights

Salem Menthol fresh

Salem Menthol fresh lights

Sputnik (USSR) (1960s)

Trojka Filter cigarettes

Victory Forever

West Full flavor StreamTec Filter

Winston Lights

Winston Lights (Health warning on the front and back of the pack)

Winston One K.S