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Amsterdamer 1623 Hollandsche Tabak

Barclay Ultra lights

Benson & Hedges American blend Filter (Spirit of 1848 discovery)

Benson & Hedges Luxury mild

Benson & Hedges Special filter

Camel Filters (American blend)

Camel Filters (Turkish & Domestic blend)

Camel Filters 100īs Generous flavour (new design)

Camel Medium

Camel Medium Balanced flavour (new design)

Camel Lights

Camel Lights 100īs Smooth flavour (new design)

Camel Lights Smooth flavour (new design)

Camel Super lights

Camel Super lights Refined flavour (new design)

Cartier Vendôme Ultra lights

Capri Superlights superslims

Chesterfield Filter (flip-top box)

Chesterfield K.S (filter box)

Chesterfield Lights

Colombo Filtro (Special edition with traditional design to celebrate 500th anniversity of Americaīs discovery)

Cortina Super

Davidoff Lights 100īs

Diana K.S Filter

Diana Ultra

Diana Specially mild

Diana Specially mild 10īs

Dunhill Superior mild K.S

Esportazione Filtro (soft pack)

Fine 120 Super length

Fortuna Filter

Futura filtro

Gauloises Blondes Lights

Gitanes (wide box)

Gitanes Filtre (wide box)

Golden American Classic

JPS (version 1)

JPS (version 2)

JPS Lights

Lido Blu

Lido Blu Extra mild (old pack)

Lucky Strike Filters K.S Box

Lucky Strike Ultra K.S Box


Marlboro (old)

Marlboro 10īs

Marlboro 100īs

Marlboro (soft pack)

Marlboro Lights

Marlboro Lights 10īs

Marlboro Lights 100īs

Marlboro Lights (soft pack)

Marlboro Medium

Marlboro Medium 10īs

Memphis Blue

Memphis Blue Lights 100

Merit Lights

Merit Lights 10īs

Milde Sorte Classic light

MS Red

MS Blu (old pack)

MS Lights (old pack)

MS Extra-lights (old pack)

MS Club Slim

MS Club Slim Leggera

MS 821 American blend

MS 821 American blend (small difference)

MS 821 American blend Super lights 10īs

MS 100īs De luxe

MS Mild

MS Mild (soft pack)

MS Personal

MS Filtro 10īs (old design)

MS Filtro 10īs (new design 2002)

MS Filtro (soft pack)

MS International

MS International 100īs

MS Brera Slim


Muratti Ambassador Multifilter

Muratti Ambassador Multifilter (round edges)

Muratti Ambassador Extra mild

Muratti Super Lights (slim size)

Pack K.S Filtro (soft pack)

Pall Mall Filter

Pall Mall (soft pack)

Pall Mall (soft pack from year 1987)

Pall Mall Lights

Pall Mall Ultra lights

Pall Mall Special one

Philip Morris Filter Kings

Philip Morris Multifilter 100īs

Philip Morris Multifilter Extra lights 100īs

Philip Morris Super lights

Philip Morris Super lights 10īs

Philip Morris Super lights 100īs

Philip Morris One

Rothmans K.S

Rothmans Superleggera (slim size)

Sax Light

Sax Special

Super Filtro (soft pack)

Titano Long Size Filtro (soft pack) (old)

Zenit Triplo Filtro

Zenit Triplo Filtro 100īs (version 1)

Zenit Triplo Filtro 100īs (version 2)

Zenit Triplo Filtro International size