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wHO LoVeS yA bAby>!?!?

name:       LoRI / JaIrO 

Age:         18 / 19     

gEnDeR:   Female / mALe

status:      tAkEn

Lifestyle:   TeEnS

Ethnicity:   FiLiPina / CoLombIaN

LoCaTion:  Illinois, USA

School:     DeVrY UnIvErSiTy / WrIgHt

Graduation: nOt sUrE

ComPuTer InForMatIon SyStEms

Job Function:   StuDentS

sPoRtS: softball, Basketball, Football, Soccer

mUsIc: Hip Hop/Rap, Reggae/alternative


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wHo LoveS ya bAby?!?  hErE's OuR pIcTuRe gaLLErY!!!

jUjUbUg `~aNd~' CubaNbEe * jUjUbUg `~aNd~' CubaNbEe * jUjUbUg `~aNd~' CubaNbEe

[ear candy] SoMe TeChNo


U p C L o s e
[theme] techno>>bEeT>>
[colorz] bLuE aNd YeLLoW
[best viewed] aLL tHe tYm
[song dedication] eAcHoThEr
[page dedication] maI bEbZ
[page born] unKnoWn
[last touched] hmMm...rItE nOw...

i n t r o d u c i n g
JuJu bUg aNd CuBaNbEe...wE bEen tOgEthEr sInCe 07.08.02...yOu are wELcoMe tO wIsh us hELLoS aNd stUfFs...

J a I r O
[years young] 19
[pryde] COLOMBIAN!!
[gender] mALe
[taken] aLwEiz...buH mE oB OuRsE
[reppin] ChIcAgO
[i enjoy] mAi LoRi bEar!!!
[diss-lyks] gHeTto wannaBeEz...hoeS..peoPle tRying tO Be sOmeThing tHey'Re nOT


L o R i
[years young] 18
[pryde] FILIPINA!!!
[gender] FemALe
[taken] aLwEiz...buH maI JuJu bUg
[reppin] WoOd DaLe
[i enjoy] muH BebZ JaIrO...oH...aNd...sTuFF
[diss-lyks] gHeTto wannaBeEz...LiaRs...aNd pEopLe tHat gEt pIssT fOr nO rEasOn...

tHe pAge iS dEdIcaTed tO
mAi bEbZ jAiRO...anD fOr eVerYonE tHat hAs heLpeD uS iN oUr tYmZ oF nEed...[LoVe yOu gUyS]
[jUsZ wAnnA sAy wAssUp tO:] OuR bUdZ...ErIkA~ rIcO*sUaVe~ eLeAnOr~ jOrGe~ IvY~ jEssIcA~ mArK~ vErO~ KiMMy~ hEcToR~ auGi Dog~ jEbus~ aNd BiG NosE fOR hEr cOnTRibutiOn tO uS~ mAnn...tOo mAnY tO nAme...yOu kNow whO yOu ArE!! wE LoVe yOu!!!

[aReA] 773 / 630
[sChOol]WrIgHt / DeVrY
[coLoR] BLuE / yeLLoW
[tRuE LoVe] fOunD it / dItTo
[mUsIc] mOstLy aLtErnAtIve / aNy kInD ~ bUt cOunTry
[fOOd] mMm...yumMy / dItTo
[wHo LoVeS yA bAby?!?] dItTo / ooH...Is tHaT a tRiCk qUeStiOn?!?

e v e n t s
JujUbug:SoMeOneS B-DaY Is ComMiNg Up!

i d e a z
[today] 04.27.03
[missin] Da oNe anD OnLy Cb
[thinkin] I sTiLl neEd mOnEys
[hopin] tO sEe mY BabeS
[wantin] fo SumMEr to StARt
[regretin] EatIng tOo Much fOr DinNer...
[wonderin] I DunNo
[dislikin]nOt C-iNg mY bAbY n 3 DaYs
[lovin] ..Cb's BeEuTIful SmIle
[watchin] hOw fAsT mY hANd mOVes
[talkin 2] nuboDies
[eatin] IcE CreAM sAndWiCh
[drinkin] CoKe
[wearin] uMm t and WindBrEakers
[expektin] for Cb tO sMiLe AfTeR rEAding ThIS!!!!!!!
[p.s.]ummmm... my niece was 4 when she first felt chin chilla!!! (inside joke)

p a r t 2

 [having fun yet?] tHerE aRe wAy mOre tHinGs tO cOme...sO...taKe iT eAsy On mE kAy?!?

o u t r o
thankz for visiting...come again. =9 bye now! tayK cArEz!!!

hEre ArE  sOme PiX   ~~eNJoY~~!!! 
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