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Brown Bear Boogie

Since its release in 1987, this recording of children's songs about Alaska has sold thousands of copies. This classic children's recording is now available on CD. The accompanying book has illustrations by George Holly, who received the Congressional Art Award in 1988. Also available is its sequel, Polar Bear Polka.

Performers Lori & J. D. are available for fundraising concerts for your charitable organization.
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Mooma Music
Who can forget:
"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner..."


"I am stuck on Band-Aids brand, 'cause the Band-Aids stuck on me..."

Why? Because of their jingles. Jingles are those little
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Specializing in radio jingles, Mooma Music will work with you to customize your commercial
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Rad Raves D. J. service
Short on funds? Short on notice? No problem.
That1s what Rad Raves D. J. service is
all about.  Call us and see what we can do for you.
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Brown Bear Boogie CD and Book

Polar Bear Polka CD
Rad Raves DJ Service *
(up to 5 hours)
Performance by Lori and J. D.*
(One Hour)
Performance by Bull Don*(Special Internet Price, please call 283-3141) $450
*Performances outside a 50 mile radius of Kenai, Alaska may include travel expenses. SubmitFree: Submit to 25+ Search Engines for free !!!!