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ATB 2/9/03 1.) 1911/06/15 - IBM incorporates in New York as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording-Company 2.) 1964/04/07 - IBM introduces System 360, first large family of computers. 3.) 1982/01/08 - U.S. government drops 13 year anti-trust case against IBM. 4.) 1993/04/01 - Louis V. Gerstner Jr. becomes IBM Chairman and CEO. Coincidentally, this is April Fool's day... we're not quite sure of the relationship here... but many people who thought Lou would look out for IBM's long term well being sure feel fooled now. 5.) 2000/03/27 - California pension system announces decision to vote 9.2 million shares in favor of IBM employee stockholder resolution to restore pension and medical. 6.) 1911/06/15 - IBM incorporates in New York as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording-Company. 7.) 1956/06/19 - Thomas J. Watson Sr. dies at age 82. 8.) 1917/01/14 - Birth of Nathaniel Rochester, architect of IBM's first scientific computer 9.) Newsletter of IBM Workers United renamed to Resistor. 10.) 1987/01/12 - IBM workers from around the world discuss union issues at London conference 11.) 1993/12/31 - Thomas J. Watson Jr. dies at age 79. 12.) 1999/05/18 - IBM employees establish pension bulletin board at 13.)1999/09/17 - Bowing to protests by employees, IBM partially restores "pension choice" to employees 14.) 1999/11/01 - Cooper vs. IBM class-action ERISA complaints against IBM Personal Pension Plan 15.)2000 (first quarter) - Reduced 2000 variable pay (70% of previous years payout for some employees) due to poor management. Since variable pay is about 10% of yearly salary, this amounts to a 3% pay cut for many employees.2000/04/25 - Sponsored by IEBAC, IBM shareholders' resolution to restore "pension choice" for employees receives 28 percent support at stockholder's meeting. 16.)Bill Gates and Paul Allen form Traf-O-Data in 1971 to sell their computer traffic-analysis systems. 17.) April 1972: Intel introduces the 8008, the first 8-bit microprocessor 18.) 1977: Apple is selling its Apple II for $1,195, including 16K of RAM but no monitor. 19.) By 1980 Apple has captured 50% of the personal computer market 20) Microsoft Windows 1.0 ships in November, 1985. 21.) Microsoft's sales for 1989 reach $1 billion, the first year to do so. 22.) Texas Instruments and Fairchild semiconductor both announce the integrated circuit in 1959. 23.) 1965: An IC that cost $1000 in 1959 now costs less than $10. Gordon Moore predicts that the number of components in an IC will double every year. This is known as Moore's Law. 24.) In late 1970 Intel introduces a 1K RAM chip and the 4004, a 4-bit microprocessor. Two years later comes the 8008, an 8-bit microprocessor. 25.) Doug Engelbart demonstrates in 1968 a word processor, an early hypertext system and a collaborative application: three now common computer applications.