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"You WILL get poked"

Well, hello there you horny asshole! (Haha, get it?) Welcome to my guide on 69.

Now, I know some of you are thinking ''What more do I need to know about 69? It doesn't seem all that difficult.'' Listen here, moron. IT IS. There are certain things you have to establish before you just ''get up and go''. Luckily, you have me to give you some advice.


Listen here, NEVER try doing 69 with someone shorter than you. It's a huge pain in the ass, considering you have to stretch out alot more. Not only will the you NOT be able to get some pussy, but she probably won't get any penis, either!


If you're reading this and are over the age of 50, I suggest that you DO NOT engage in 69. To the old men reading this: If you thought it smelt bad years ago, imagine it now, after its been locked under all the hair and sweaty panties. NOT PRETTY. And to the women: You WILL get poked!


Ok, if you're reading this part as a reference...Die. Anyhow, I don't suggest you try this, either. Because if little Timmy didn't want it, he's willin' to bite something off. *Wink*yourpenis*Wink*

CJayC (Owner of GameFAQs)

Advice, Ceej. Don't do it until I ''talk'' to Shadotak...

And this is the end of my guide!

Well, I hope you found this guide useful! Thank you, and goodbye. And remember Ceej, NOT UNTIL I ''TALK'' TO SHADOTAK!