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ON LINE LEGAL HELP can Help You Represent Yourself In Court!


Online Legal Support, ON LINE LEGAL Email assistance!

Be Your Own Lawyer
Welcome to ON LINE LEGAL HELP, where you can BE YOUR OWN LAWYER!

The LEGAL HELP CD helps you represent yourself in court, helps you file court pleadings, answer complaint, write court motions, PRO SE!

Protect your Legal and constitutional rights! If you don't fight for yourself, no one else will do it for you! Learn how to protect yourself, your assets, and to fight in court!

LEGAL HELP CD for only $29.99! Yes, you can receive NOW for only $29.99! Includes the "Be Your Own Lawyer!" plus lots of legal forms!

Be Your Own Lawyer! will show you examples of answer to a legal complaint, file a complaint summons, file motions and pleadings, and guide you with civil procedures of when and how to file court pleadings and documents. A MUST for legal secretaries and paralegals, as well as pro se litigants representing themselves in court!

PLEASE NOTE: Your purchase and use of "LEGAL HELP CD" with "Be Your Own Lawyer" does not constitute our legal representation of you in court, and is NOT our court legal "appearance" on your behalf in any way. We do NOT provide legal representation, we provide "legal assistance" for your court case, and we do NOT prepare legal briefs for you to file in court. Our examples are for your template use, if you file in court you must prepare (copy) and add your name and case information, rather we only provide legal support research, assistance, and examples of court pleadings for your use as templates for you to prepare for your pro per self representation in your legal matter.

LEGAL WISE CD with "Be Your Own Lawyer" can also be used to inform you of court procedures and to monitor your own attorney's action or in-actions in your court case.

Plus, you can receive online email legal support (case law research, investigations) for only $45.00/hr USD for new clients. Regular online email rate $68.50/hr. Request quote for larger blocks of time.
Get started with just $45 for email legal support to help you represent your self in court, to be your own lawyer!

Click Pay Now button to make a deposit/retainer ON LINE LEGAL HELP, email assistance,legal support, and research, or email for more information or answer to your questions.

To make an online deposit/retainer use the PayPal Pay Now link below. For only $45/hr you can get started and protect your rights! NOW ACCEPTING NEW EMAIL CLIENTS!

You receive online legal support research by email, with a 24 hr reply except Sundays and holidays.
FOR A LIMITED TIME, Your first hour of email legal assistance is FREE with payment of $45/hr for the second hour, for new clients only for a limited time!

SEND US AN EMAIL: We request you provide an email with a brief statement about your case, the issues, and the latest documents filed and court order if already in court. Remember timing is very important with filing court pleadings, don't be late filing an answer to a complaint, motion, or petition against you, or you may get a default judgment for failure to appear!

For more information go to

HAVE QUESTIONS? Send us an email at link below.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment with an e-check is NOT immediate; an e-check will take YOUR bank 2-3 days to clear your bank check and release your funds.
DEPOSIT/RETAINER for One Hour ON LINE LEGAL HELP email assistance, Legal Support Research $45/hr:

DEPOSIT/RETAINER for ON LINE LEGAL HELP email assistance, Legal Support Research: 2 HRS $90 ($45/HR):

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT your attorney of record for court representation or in-court appearance; we do NOT represent you in court; you represent yourself pro per or pro se. We provide legal support research to help you prepare your pro se court pleadings, court forms, court rules and civil procedures.

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