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Striving for the perfect pet rat...
Breeding for health, temperament, and type





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Raising rats in a responsible, ethical, AND holistic manner takes quite a bit of time, money, and love. I breed because I love the pet rat and to promote them as pets by breeding the best possible animals.  This is not a profitable endeavor, but simply a hobby with a goal.


I do not currently ship.  All of my rats will be sold with a care sheet and sales contract.  Pedigrees available.  Rats sold as pets will be sold in single sex pairs as they are social animals that need companionship.  Exception being that an individual has a single pet rat that needs a companion.


Note: Pricing has changed

Pet pricing will remain the same at $10.00, with my determination of pet vs. show/breeding quality. Show and breeding quality rats will range from $15 to $25 depending on type, quality, and how much work I have behind a particular animal or line. As always, I will be available to my buyers for questions, concerns, and guidance.


I am not breeding continually, and will at times have no pups available.



Contact Information: 

Ellettsville,IN. 47429


Last Update: 06/07/03