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My name is Laura and I am 25 years old. I am divorced and do have children of which I love very much. I am an honest, kind hearted, romantic, loyal, faithful and caring person. I live in Houston, Tx and have 1 brother and 1 sister both younger to me in age. My family lives in Bartlesville, Ok but I was born and raised in Houston, Tx.

I am studying to be a comfort care RN. which is a registered nurse that comes to your home and cares for your loved ones when they have been diagnosed with a terminally ill disease and they do not have much longer to live. These type of nurses keep the patients as comfortable as possible in their last days. I lost my father close to 2 years ago now on my oldest daughters birthday at home and he had brain cancer.

On another note.... I am an excellent cook and can cook most anything from indian food to italian food and everything in between lol. I love to cook! I am an excellent house keeper and organizer. I can speak a few different languages to an extent. I like movies and music. I listen to all different languages of music and watch arabic, hindi and american movies.

I love the outdoors! I enjoy rollerblading, any type of skating from ice skating to roller skating! I like to fish and go boating. I love the beach especially at sunset or at night. I also like going on long drives and I love to travel! I like trying new things in life. It might sound childish to some but I do like playing playstation at times just to unwind from a long day. I also enjoy amusement parks but hey I love the adrinaline rush! I also love to draw! Love learning about medical issues! I love the outdoors! Camping, fishing, hiking, Always wanted to try snow boarding! Maybe one day!

I am a very clean person indeed! I take very good care of my skin and my face. Everyone tells me at the age of 25 I only look like I am in my teens. So hey I am doing pretty good. I have been to a few places in the states but I have never been overseas. One day I hope to go. I have been to New York in 2000 and have also lived in Maine, Florida, Oklahoma and have visited Mexico on one occassion and I have been all over Texas from Dallas, Galveston, El Paso ect.

On another note.... I have very long hair and it is down past my waist when it is wet but I have curly hair so it does curl up when it is dry and does not look that long. I wear a size 12, 13 or 14 in jeans/slacks and a size small to large in shirts. I wear a size 6 to 6 1/2 in womens shoes. I have very small feet lol as well as small hands.

I am very compasionate and loving. I would do anything to keep my husband happy. I am the type person to keep the foundation of the marriage strong and be there for my husband and never let my husband fall at any time. I do have a close knit family and want to have one with my husband as well. I want to have a husband who will treat me like a princess and I will treat him as my prince. I will keep our home a castle to come home to. A place where you can relax after a hard days work.

I am a easy going person and am serious about finding a husband that will be with me for the rest of my life. I want a stable future and stable life for myself, my husband and my children. I want what is best for them in their life. For me I just want to be happy and for the person that makes me happy I will make them even more happy in their life.

On another note.... I do have a good sence of humor and do like to laugh. I do not drink and will not drink but I do not mind someone else smoking but I do not want someone who drinks.

Know if you decide to reply to me and talk to me and decide you want to be married to me just know you will be getting the best wife you could have asked for. I will do everything to make you happy as long as you do everything you can to make me happy.

I am working hard on becoming a better muslim! I have started trying to wear hijab on a daily basis and one day I do hope to wear niqab! Not sure yet but maybe one day! I am not an extremist with my religion but I do love my religion!

I am looking for someone who is good natured! Kind hearted, loving, caring, honest, faithful. Who loves children! I do not mind if you are divorced or widowed or have children because I love children! I am wanting someone who is in the United States or someone who is coming to the United States soon. I am not willing to relocate overseas! Someone between the ages of 26 to 42 years old. Someone who is somewhat compatible in what I have stated about myself above

Favorite Food:-: Indian, Italian & Chinese

Favorite Hobby:-: Horseback Riding & Cooking

Favorite Drink:-: Iced Tea & Strawberry Soda

Favorite Color:-: Black & Purple

Favorite Song:-: Rammstein - Sonne "German" - Amr Diab - Ana Ayesh "Arabic"

Favorite Movie:-: Scary Movie 3 & Adel Imam Movies!

Favorite Season:-: Winter & Spring

Favorite Sport:-: To much to list! I added it above in my complete information list

Favorite Designer:-: Tommy Hilfiger

Favorite TV Channel:-: Discovery health channel

Favorite TV Show:-: Family Guy and The Simpsons and Trauma Life In The ER

Favoite Singer:-: Celine Dion & Rammstein

Favorite Actor:-: Adel Imam & Mahmoud Abdul Aziz

Favorite Animal:-: Fish & Birds