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I decided, no, I don't want some gay ad covered web site for this thing. So, I'm doing it myself so that it looks 1337er. (most people won't get that, but okay.)

I probably won't update this everyday. I'm bored...but not THAT bored. congrats.



-So, yea. I saw The Rundown today. What a great movie. It was just hilarious and had a lot of action. The Rock is actually a decent actor. You all should definitely check out this movie. =)

-My wallpaper.    If you like it and want something like it, just IM me. l2ol3MH113 and tell me what you want. I most likely will make something...'cause I'm really bored.

-What am I listening to? I found this and thought it would be cool if anyone wanted to know what I listen to everyday. So, there it is. w00t!



-I like my buddy icon. Tadaaa! It 0wnz you. kthxbye. I'll make one



-Wow. For all you people with Winamp: I just found this cool thing called Winamp Radio. It is just It has like...TONS of stations for any kind of music you like. Give it a shot. Winamp Radio. If you don't have Winamp, suck. Get it here -Winamp