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1) Explain the main difference between the borders between the eastern and western states in the U.S.

2) Below is a map of Canada. Which province is colored blue?

3) Excluding Alaska and Hawaii, name one of the last two states to join the U.S.

4) What is the northernmost state in the U.S.? The westernmost? The easternmost?

5) Not counting Greenland, this is the driest point in North America.

6) This is the southernmost city in the U.S.

7) Name a country on Hispanola.

8) Name one of the U.S. states the term 'Yeoman' has particular relevance.

9) Briefly describe Central America's climate.

10) Why is it that some Canadian municipalities are merely territories?

11) In which region in North America is AIDS the most prevalent?

12) What is Mexico's southernmost major city?

13) Where in North America would you find the only natural body of salt water that is not an ocean?

14) Explain the unique nature of Mexico City's geography.

15) What is the most densely populated country in North America?