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1) Name two countries in Central America

2) Which state in the U.S. is home to the famed Twin Cities?

3) Name two of the three most populous cities in Texas

4) Name a U.S. state that starts and ends in the same letter.

5) The current president hails from what U.S. state?

6) Name a U.S. state with a silent letter in its name.

7) What is the capitol of Mexico?

8) Name one of Canada's Provinces.

9) What is the name of the Communist country off the coast of Florida?

10) Name two countries in the Carribean.

11) What is the name of that large, semi-inhabitable island to the east of the northern areas of Canada?

12) What is the largest state in the U.S. (in land area)? The smallest?

13) Name two of the three oceans that border North America.

14) Which U.S. state is the largest (in population)?

15) What is the name of the longest mountain range in North America?