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1) The Detroit Red Wings play in the NHL's Western Conference. With what you know about geography, please tell what you can about this placement.

2) Below is a picture of a state and the approximate location of its capital. Name the state and its capital.

3) Which U.S. state has the youngest human population? The oldest human population?

4) Which U.S. state east of the Mississippi has the greatest amount of land area?

5) Below is a picture of Mexico. Please identify the area colored yellow.

6) The Panama Canal is not large enough. Where, if anywhere, on the continent would be the best place for another larger canal?

7) Why is it not terribly unusual to find at a given moment in winter, the conditions in Anchorage more bearable than those in Chicago?

8) Which U.S. state is the most politically liberal? The most politically conservative?

9) Which of the Great Lakes does not border Michigan?

10) Which major U.S. city is closer to the geographical center of the contiguous 48 states than any other major city?

11) Which central American country has English as its main language?

12) Which major U.S. city would have a significant number of its radio call letters beginning in both K and W?

13) Below is a map of Mexico. Identify the area colored orange.

14) Pick three of the following ethnic groups. Name their largest U.S. enclave.
Pacific Islanders

15) Why would a hurricane likely never strike the coast of Oregon in spite of its fair share of coastline?