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2001 Willie Mays Division Championship 113-48
2002 Willie Mays Division Championship 125-37
2002 World Series Champion

Jerry Whitson


 Hello Guys my name is Jerry Whitson. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1947.
I was a sports nut growing up playing everything.
My favorite sport was basketball and in later life I became a
College and High School Basketball official for 25 years.

I have been playing APBA from 1963 and I started out on the boards
as you old times will know by the year.
I first started out with APBA Football, then moved to the Baseball
and after that tired the Basketball APBA had out at that time.
APBA Baseball turned out to be my love
even though I had love to take part in Basketball in real life.

I got married out of High School and went right on to the New Orleans Fire Department.
I had one son out of that marriage, Wayne who was born in 1970.
I retired from the New Orleans Fire Department in 1979
and had been in the bar business while I was on the Department.
So then I bought my own lounge and had live entertainment
way down yonder in New Orleans,
yes it was the good life.

After my divorces with my second wife it was time to move on and start all over with a new life.
I then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1989
where I went to work for Otis Elevator Company.
I got hurt on that job with a fall and was operated 2 times as of now for that injury.
I was then put on pension and haven't worked from 1994
and I love every day of it now.

I had moved back to New Orleans after the operations
and moved into the swamps in the bayous of Louisiana.
I felt I would rather deal with the animals there in the swamps then the ones in the streets,
at least the animals in the swamps didn't carry guns.
After living there for about 2 years and then decided
I wanted to get back where there were some people.

So I moved to Altus, Oklahoma where I could live on my 2 pensions fairly well.
This is just a little town in the south west part of the state.
If it wouldn't be for an Air Force Base here it wouldn't be here.

I have about 2 more years to get my third pension
and then its off to Belize or Costa Rica
to lay on the beach, drink tropical drinks and chase the native girls.

Now that I'm on pension i have all the time in the world to put to my love of APBA.
I have made some new friends in APBA and I love to draft and wheel and deal.
I think that this was more fun than playing the game against a micromanager.
But now that I'm in a live league again playing live people
I'm really looking forward to OTL and all the Owners that feel like me.
This is the only way to play APBA is live against a friend.