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2004 Trades

1-1/24/04 New Orleans will send Claussen, Pick #5 in the rookie draft along with pick #15 or 16 depending where I finish in the playoffs to Lake County for Smoltz, Mahay and Abreu
2-1/25/04 Lake County sends Roger Clemens and Jason Jennings to Colorado for Ben Sheets
3-1/25/04 Lake County sends Roger Clemens and Jason Jennings to Colorado for Ben Sheets
4-1/25/04 New Orleans sends Abreu, Buehrle and Smoltz to Long Island for Zito and second round pick #22
5-1/25/04 Mesquite sends Rich Aurila to Long Island for Ted Lilly
6-1/27/04 Long Island sends Tom Gordon and Mark Guthire to Brooklyn for Wade Miller
7-1/28/04 Portsmouth sends Herges to Brooklyn for Shuey and Percival
8-1/28/04 Lake County sends Jamie Walker to Long Island for Kapler and Wilson Betemit

9-1/28/04 Bucksnort sends Miguel Cabrera to Lake County for their #5 pick in the first round.
10-1/29/04 New Orleans sends Bonds, Green, Matsui, Mussina, Alomar 2nd round #22 and 3rd pick #48 to New England for Prior, Hasegawa, Edmonds and 3rd pick #39
11-2/24/04 Mentor sends Jamie Moyer and Mike Cameron to Cornwall Terrace for Austin Kearns and pick #73
12-2/24/04 Cornwall sends first round pick #1 and 3rd round pick #33 to Mesquite for first round pick #8, 2nd round pick #24 and 3rd pick #40
13-2/25/04 Jessup sends Ray Durham to Long Island for Mark Ellis
14-2/26/04 Jessup sends Bellhorn to Long Island for Menechino and McLemore
15-2/28/04 Mentor sends B.Y.Kim and Wilson Betemit to Long Island for Morneau and 7th round pick #102
16-2/29/04 Mentor sends Brent Mayne to Winchendon's for Joe Kennedy and 6th round pick
17-2/29/04 Long Island sends Kris Benson and Long Island's 8th rounder (#118) to Mentor for David Ortiz
18-2/29/04 New Orleans send Hasegawa and picks #112 & # 128 to Costal Bend for Foulke

19-3/6/04 Jessup sends it 3rd pick in 2005 to Cornwall for Alou
20-3/6/04 Mentor sends Jose Santiago and Doug Glanville to Long Island for Jeff Tam and Jose Mesa
21-3/6/04 Long Island sends its 7th round pick to Cornwall for Matt Stairs
22-3/7/04 Mentor sends Eric Karros to Colorado for Jorge Julio
23-4/4/04 Boise sends Aaron Harang to Long Island for Jason Jennings
24-4/6/04 New Orlenas sends Phil Nevin to San Marco for Adam Dunn
25-4/24/04 New Orleans sends Adam Dunn to Coastal Bend for Javier Vazquez
26-5/18/04 New Orleans sends Wiki Gonzalez to Cornwall for their 8th round pick in 2005 Rookie Draft
27-5/22/04 Columbus sends Derek Jeter, Bret Boone, Brad Lidge and Dean Palmer to Long Island for Dontrelle Willis, Mark Buehrle, Kaz Matsui and Rich Aurilia
28-4/4/04 New Orleans sends Kyle Farnsworth to Arizona for Jeff Kent
29-4/12/04 Columbus sends Carlos Delgado, Bill Mueller, Dmitri Young and Brad Radke to Long Island for David Ortiz, Chone Figgins, Dennis Tankersley and Ryan Klesko
30-4/12/04 Millers Tavern sends Bonds, Endy Chavez, Foppert to Clayton for Manny Ramirez, Carlos Beltran, Urbina
31-10/27/04 Mentor sends Tom Glavine, Juan Uribe, Milton Bradley, Jose Mesa, Jim Brower,  Joe Kennedy to Clayton for Clayton #1, #3, #8 2005 Rookie Draft picks, Khalil Greene, Scott Hairston
32-11/4/04 Mentor sends Tony Womack to San Marcos for its 2nd round pick
33-12/21/04 Columbus sends Penny, King and Guadardo to Millers Tavern for Patterson and LaRue