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2003 Waiver Draft

Round 1

1-Franklinton Josh Fogg SP
2-Culver City Sean Casey 1b
3-Portsmouth Brandon Duckworth SP
4-Riverdale Jason Johnson SP
5-Boise Passes
6-Washington Cliff Politte RP
7-San Jose Rey Sanchez 2b
8-Antelope Timo Perez Timo Perez OF
9-Grand Rapids Grant Roberts RP
10-North Texas Passes
11-Kansas City Steve Cox 1b
12-Douglas Passes
13-San Angelo Passes
14-Lackawanna Skipped
15-Tennessee Miguel Batista SP
16-New Orleans Kyle Farnsworth RP

Round 2

17-Franklinton Todd Pratt C
18-Culver City Passes
19-Portsmouth Mark Hendrickson SP
20-Riverdale Jeff D'Amico SP
21-Boise Passes
22-Washington Scott Strickland RP
23-San Jose Tom Wilson C
24-Antelope 24 hours expired
25-Grand Rapids Olmedo Saenz 1b
26-North Texas Passes
27-Kansas City Felipe Lopez SS
28-Douglas Passes
29-San Angelo 24 hours expired
30-Lackawanna Valley 24 hours expired
31-Tennessee Dimitri Young 1b
32-New Orleans Jeriome Roberston SP

Round 3

33-Franklinton Reggie Taylor OF
34-Culver City Passes
35-Portsmouth Runelvys Henandez SP
36-Riverdale Wayne Franklin SP
37-Boise Passes
38-Washington Passes
39-San Jose Jamie Walker RP
40-Antelope Marquis Grissom OF
41-Grand Rapids Nate Cornejo SP
42-North Texas Passes
43-Kansas City Mike Rivera C
44-Douglas Passes
45-San Angelo Livan Hernandez SP
46-Lackawanna Valley 24 expired
47-Tennessee Mike Koplove RP
48-New Orleans passess