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2003 Trades

1-1/1/03 Tennessee sends Tim Wakefield to Beantown for Freddy Garcia and Todd Hundley

2-1/2/03 Tennessee sends Fossum and Vaughn,Mo to Beantown for Penny and Bret Boone

3-1/4/03 Riverdale Roosters trade Shea Hillenbrand and Aaron Fultz to Beantown for Bill Mueller and Jeff Conine

4-2/4/03 New Orleans sends Jerome Williams, Mariano Rivera and pick #68 to Kansas City for Austin Kearns and their 7th round draft pick #123 and draft pick #51

5-2/4/03 Kansas City sends Pat Burrell , Mariano Rivera, David Wells to San Angelo for Matt Clement, Vincente Padilla, Scott Williamson

6-2/6/03 New Orleans send Austin Kearns to Portsmouth for Gagne and their first round pick #3 in the rookie draft

7-2/6/03 New Orleans sends Santiago/Shannon Stewart to San Angelo for Abreu/pick #145

8-2/8/03 New Orleans sends Pettitte, Abreu, picks #48 and #51 to San Jose, and then New Orleans send sends Kazuhiro Sasaki to North Texas, San Jose sends Charlie Johnson and Ken Griffey to New Orleans, and  then San Jose sends Torii Hunter, Colon, LaTroy Hawkins to North Texas, North Texas sends V. Guerrero to New Orleans and North Texas sends Smoltz to San Jose

9-2/8/03 San Angelo trades David Ortiz, Burrell, Mayne and Clemens to San Jose for Ibanez, Olerud, Paul Byrd and Aurilia

10-2/9/03 Portsmouth sends Womack to San Jose for picks #48 & #51

11-2/10/03 Franklinton sends Simon and pick #17 to Portsmouth for Rick Reed

12-2/10/03 New Orleans sends Biddle to Portsmouth for Pokey Reese

13-2/10/03 Portsmouth send Traschel to Douglas for pick #28

14-2/10/03 Portsmouth sends Payton, Worrell, Roberts, pick #16 to Franklinton for M.Young, Hampton, pick #1

15-2/11/03 North Texas sends Shea Hillenbrand, Kip Wells, and its 3rd round draft choice (#42) to Kansas City for Troy Glaus

16-2/14/03 Riverdale sends Witasick, pick #4 and #56  to San Jose for Pettitte/pick #7 and #39

17-2/15/03 Kansas City send their picks #11, #43, #68, #83 & 91 to the Washington Senators for Curt Schilling, Jose Mesa and John Mabry

18-2/15/03 New Orleans sends Manny Ramirez, picks #3 and #32 to Washington for Bonds, picks #22 and #138

19-2/15/03 Kansas City sends Wade Miller, Alfonzo Soriano and John Mabry to Douglas for Odalis Perez, Jeff Kent and pick #72

20-2/15/03 Kansas City sends Scott Williamson and pick #72, to Culver City for Scott Stewart and Mike Redmond

21-2/16/03 Tennessee sends Randy Johnson, Rollins, Dye, Matheny, and Guardado to Douglas for Wade Miller, Jeter, Ichiro, Lieberthal, and Percival

22-2/16/03 Tennessee sends Pavano and Rocker to Portsmouth for Robert Person

23-2/16/03 Douglas sends Dye, Sheffield, Crede, picks #12 and #64 to Washington for Manny Ramirez, Bernie Williams, Kane Davis, picks #91 and #118

24-2/16/03 Washington sends Piazza to San Angelo for Benito Santiago, Karim Garcia, #45 and #85

25-2/17/03 Washington sends Marlon Anderson and Brian Duckworth to San Jose for picks #56 and #59

26-2/17/03 Douglas sends Soriano to Portsmouth for Kennedy and #1, and #17

27-2/19/03 Douglas sends Jennings to San Jose for their pick #23

28-2/22/03 New Orleans sends
Pokey Reese, Robinson pick #88 & # 148 to San Jose for picks #4 #99 #119 & #139

29-2/24/03 Riverdale sends Preston Wilson and Alex S. Gonzalez to Portsmouth for J.D.Drew, Biddle and pick #35

30-2/25/03 New Orleans send Ken Griffey & pick #145 to San Angelo for Byung Kim, picks #65 & #105

31-2/25/03 Riverdale sends Rafael Palmeiro, Mike Williams, Jose Valentin to Douglas for Rollins picks #17 & #23

32-2/25/03 Riverdale sends Eli Marrero and pick #23 to San Angelo for Paul Byrd

33-3/1/03 New Orleans sends Prior to Grand Rapids for Wolf and Dotel

34-3/2/03 Franklinton sends Marty Cordova and Glavine to San Jose for Burrell and Looper

35-3/3/03 Douglas sends Ritchie Sexson and Kenny Rogers to Culver City for Orlando Cabrerra and Woody Williams

36-3/3/03 Riverdale sends pick #36 and #116 to Culver City for Ritchie Sexson

37-3/9/03 KC sends Odalis Perez, Kip Wells, Carlos Beltran, Jerome Willaims, pick 27 and pick 111 to Douglas for Randy Johnson, Larry Walker and John Mabry

38-3/9/02 Douglas sends #1 and #104 to Culver City for #2 and #72 

39-3/9/03 Washington trades pick  #56 to San Jose for picks #79 and #88

40-3/9/03 Portsmouth sends Pedro Feliz to Culver City for Matt Herges

41-3/11/03 Kansas City sends Tomo Ohka, Francisco Cordero, Brian Giles and Shea Hillenbrand to the Franklnton for Mark Mulder, Garrett Anderson, Todd Worrell and Frank Catalanotto.

42-3/11/03 Portsmouth sends Veres to Franklinton for Colome and 5th

43-3/12/03 Franklinton deal Eric Karros 1B to San Jose for Scott Shields

44-3/12/03 New Orleans send Byung Kim to San Jose for Witasick and their first round draft pick in 2004

45-3/14/03 Douglas sends Ben Broussard and D'Angelo Jimenez to Washington for Brandon Villafuerte

46-3/14/03 Douglas sends Mike Williams to Kansas City for Khalil Greene Prospect

47-3/14/03 Tennesse sends Ugueth Urbina to Douglas for Eddie Guardado

48-3/15/03 Douglas sends Lawson and Myers to Washington for Holmes

49-3/17/03 Riverdales sends their 3rd pick to Douglas for Danny Graves

50-5/16/03 New Orleans sends Matt Morris and Felix Rodriguez to North Texas for Jarrod Washburn and Cliff Lee

51-5/17/03 New Orleans sends Oswalt, Charlie Johnson, Pierre and Witasick to Boise for Mussina, Posada, Roger Cedeno and their 2nd round pick in the 2003 rookie draft

52-5/27/03 New Orleans sends Sueng Song, Jeriome Robertson, Vladimir Nunez and 2nd round pick to Cold River for Mueller, Hidalgo and Jeff D'Amico

53-6/4/03 Grand Rapids send Dempster and Olivo to Syracuse for Carlos Zambrano and Heilman

54-6/14/03 New Orleans sends Cliff Lee to Schenectady for Matsui

55-6/24/03 New Orleans sends Steve Karsay, Steve Kline and Rick Ankiel to Mesquite for Ken Griffey and Mesquite 4th round pick

56-6/25/03 Mesquite sends Shannon Stewart to Kansas City for Frank Catalanotto and Mike Lincoln

57-7/1/03 Mesquite sends Kerry Wood, Omar Vizquel, Doug Mientkiewicz to Grand Rapids for Damian Moss, Sidney Ponson, Chad Bradford, Miguel Tejada, Mark Kotsay, Paul Konerko

58-7/2/03 Mesquite sends Jeff Nelson to Schenectady for Bobby Kielty

59-7/2/03 Schenectady sends Bagwell and G.Myers to Cold River for Pettitte, Conine and D Rolls

60-7/2/03 Schenectady trades Lohse to Grand Rapids for Crisp

61-7/2/03 Boise sends Ray Durham, Jon Lieber and it's #4 draft pick to Mesquite for John Olerud, Raul Ibanez, and Antonio Alfonseca

62-7/5/03 Mesquite sends Mike Piazza, Chad Bradford, Jose Cruz, Craig Wilson, Mike Lincoln, Jay Gibbons, Jared Sandberg to Culver City For Jason Varitek, Josh Bard, Kevin Millar, Ron Belliard, Aramas Ramirez, Brian Lawrence, Carlos Pena and Culver City 2nd round pick next year.

63-7/23/03 Mesquite sends Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Pena to Cold River for Jeff Bagwell and Frank Castillo

64-7/29/03 Mesquite sends Moises Alou and Carlos Lee to Portsmouth for Gary Matthews and Joaquin Beniot

65-7/29/03 New Orleans sends their second round pick acquired from Boise to Cold River for J.D.Drew

66-8/12/03 Cold River sends Sexson, Rollins and 2nd round pick to Culver City for Williamson and Dunn

67-8/16/03 Windy City sends Derek Lowe to Kansas City for Vincent Padilla and Jose Mesa

68-8/19/03 Mesquite trades Mark Kotsay, Ryan Anderson to Cold River for Phil Nevin, Aaron Sele

69-9/6/03 Brooklyn trades its first round pick and Ichiro to New Orleans for Hidalgo and Mueller