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2002 Trades

1-11/13/01 Windy City Wolves trade their 11th and 12th round picks to the Great White North Drift for Fred McGriff and their 13th round pick

2-12/13/01 Great White North sends Edgar Martinez and their 26, 28 and 31 draft picks for New Jersey 19, 21, 23, and 25 draft picks

3-12/20/01 New Orleans send their 18th and 20th picks to New York for their 27th pick along with Luis Rivas

4-12/21/01 New York sends Ben Davis to Port Huron and in return they send their 19th and 23rd round picks

5-12/28/01 Akron Angels trade Brian Giles and their 20th round to the New York Bandits for Adrian Beltre and Preston Wilson

6-12/29/01 New York trades Rd 21 and Rd 23 picks to Seattle for Mark Quinn

7-12/31/01 Port Huron send Calros Lee and thier 22nd round pick (433 overall) to New Jersey for Edgardo Alfonzo and their first pick in the 26th round (507 overall). New Jersey

8-1/03/02 New Jersey sends Jeff Weaver and my 31st round pick to Tennessee for Mark Kotsay and Shane Reynolds

9-1/5/02 Atlantic City sends Phil Nevin to New Jerseay for Mike Sweeney

10-1/7/02 Atlantic City trades Greg Maddux to New Jersey for Manny Ramirez

11-1/9/02 Charlie O's Mules have traded their 23rd and 24th round picks (picks 456 and 465) to LaCrosse for Joe Kennedy

12-1/9/02 Atlantic City sends Sweeney and their 23rd and 30th draft pick to Dallas for A.J.Burnett and T.Martinez

13-1/9/02 New Orleans sends Prinz and their 26th pick to Atlantic City for Bill Wagner

14-1/9/02 Seattle sends Pettitte and Orlando Cabrera to La Crosse for Tejada, Albie Lopez and 23rd pick number 446

15-1/9/02 Seattle sends Schilling and Millwood to New Jersey for Halladay and Milton

16-1/9/02 New Orleans send Daal, Trot Nixon and Little to Seattle for Halladay and Edmonds

17-1/9/02 New Orleans sends Luis Rivas and Jose Cabrera to Windy City for Vina and Rick White

18-1/10/02 New Orleans send Rick White and their 25th round pick #481 to Port Huron for Guardado and their 25th round pick #488

19-1/10/02 Seattle sends Nomo to Dallas for 23rd round pick #459 and 24th round pick #463

20-1/11/02 La Crosse send Lawrence and pick #456 to Charlie O's for Brad Radke

21-1/13/02 La Crosse trades Jeff Bagwell and pick #475 to Mt. Airy for Woody Williams and Jarrod Washburn

22-1/13/02 New Orleans sends Ryan Anderson, Carlos Hernandez and 25th round pick number 488 from Port Huron to Tampa Bay for Mendoza, Hentgen and Felix Rodriguez

23-1/13/02 New Orleans sends Zimmerman to Henryetta for Jason Marquis

24-1/13/02 Mt Airy trades Abreu,Leifer and Batista to New Jersey for Curt Schilling

25-1/13/02 Henryetta sends Sele and Zimmerman to New Orleans for Marquis, Hermanson and Felix Rodriguez

26-1/15/02 New Orleans sends Sele to Mt. Airy for Bagwell and Bottalico

27-1/15/02 New Orleans sends Hentgen, Olerud, Zimmerman, and Bottalico to Henryetta for Marquis, Farnsworth and Felix Rodriguez

28-1/15/02 New Jersey sends Liefer and round 35 pick # 694 to Mt. Airy for round 24 # 479 and round 27 # 522

29-1/16/02 New Jersey sends Penny, Carlos Lee and their 26th round pick # 510 to Atlantic City for Larry Walker, Steve Karsay and their 28th round pick # 542

30-1/16/02 New Orleans sends their 27th round pick # 540 to Seattle for Little

31-1/17/02 New Orlenas sends Rolen and their 30th round pick #600 to Atlantic City for Penny, Matt Williams and Shea Hillenbrand

32-1/17/02 New Orleans sends Penny, Marquis, and Little to Arkron for Mussina and Wolf

33-1/17/02 New Jersey sends Roberto Alomar, Shane Reynolds and their 33rd draft pick #654 to Akron for Penny, Marquis, and Kent

34-1/18/02 New Orleans sends Halladay, Matt Williams, Hillenbrand and Vina to Atlantic City for Rolen and Eric Young

35-1/18/02 New Orleans send Eric Young to Windy City for Luis Rivas and their 25th round pick #491

36-1/20/02 New Orleans sends Scott Rolen to New York for Eric Chavez and Rick Ankiel

37-1/23/02 Atlantic City sends Mientkiewicz, Steve Finley and their 27th round draft pick #539 to Great White for Bernie Williams

38-1/23/02  New Orleans sends Kris Benson to Altoona for Jerry Hairston and their 27th pick #529 and 29th pick #569

39-1/23/02 New Orleans sends its 29th pick #561 and 33rd pick #641 to Great White North for their 32nd pick #630, 34th pick #670 and 36th pick #710

40-1/24/02 Great White sends their 33rd pick #651 and 37th pick #721 to Mt. Airy for their 28th pick #559

41-1/24/02 New Orleans sends their 28th #560 and 31st #601 to Great White for their 27th round pick #531

42-1/24/02 New Orleans sends Mike Mussina to Windy City for Pedro Martinez

43-1/26/02 Seattle sends Daal, Jamey Wright, Looper and their 29th round pick #564 to Henryetta for Stevens and Randa

44-1/26/02 New Orleans send LeCroy to Henryetta for Hentgen

45-1/27/02 Port Huron sends Mays and Erstad to Charlie O's  for Vladimir Guerrero and Eaton

46-1/27/02 La Crosse sends Washburn and Dunn to Charlie O's for J.D.Drew

New Jersey sends Armando Benitez to New York for Cliff Politte and their 29th round pick #580, 35th round pick #700

48-1/29/02 Sweetwater sends Manny Ramirez, Wade Miller, and Jeff Suppan to Lumbee for Matt Morris and Jacque Jones

49-1/29/02 La Crosse sends Radke, Drew, Pettitte and their 29th round draft pick #566 to Charlie O's for Hudson, Dunn, Erstad, and Ramon Ortiz

50-1/31/02 Windy City sends Paul Loduca,  Roger Cedeno and Elmer Dessens to the Sweetwater Swatters for Benito Santiago and Matt Morris

51-1/31/02 Lumbee sends Piazza to New Jersey for Sheffield

52-1/31/02 Mt Airy sends Pat Burrell and Ryan Franklin to Sweetwater for Bernie Williams

53-2/1/02 New Jersey send Kent to Charlie O's for Colon and Relaford

54-2/1/02 New Jersey send Piazza to Akron for I. Rodrigeuz

55-2/2/02 Seattle sends their 30th #597 & 32nd #637 to Charlie O's for Mavin Bernard

56-2/3/02 Charlie O's sends Dee Brown and Chad Durbin to Sweetwater for Vladimir Nunez and Bubba Trammel

57-2/4/02 Lumbee sends Tyler Houston to Great White for their 30th round pick #590

58-2/6/02 New Orleans sends Molina, Chavez, Luis Rivas, and Ankiel to New York for Ausmus, Rolen, Luis Castillo and Juan Cruz

59-2/11/02 New Jersey sends Abreu, Marquis, and Kelvim Escobar to Charlotte for Berkman, Freddy Garcia and Stechschulte

60-2/11/02 Great White sends Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Scott Williamson plus picks 33rd #641, 38th #750, and 39th #771 to Charlote for Ryan Anderson, Tony Armas Jr, Jason Marquis, Carlos Hernandez, Bruce Chen, and Joe Crede

61-2/13/02 Mt.Airy sends their 33rd round pick #632 to Great White for their 35th round pick #691 and 40th round pick #790

62-2/15/02 New Orleans sends Juan Cruz, Hentgen, Sirotka, and Baugh to Port Huron for Buerhle and their 40th draft pick #793

63-2/22/02 Great White sends Jose Cruz Jr., Roy Oswalt, Denny Hocking to Charlotte for Juan Gonzalez, Alex Gonzalez, Bobby Hill and Ruben Quevedo

64-2/22/02 New Orleans sends Beltran, their 36th round pick #720, 39th #761, 49th #800 to New York for Baldwin, Brian Giles and their 36th round pick #701

65-2/22/02 New Orleans sends Brian Giles to Lumbee for Manny Ramirez

66-2/24/02 Great White sends Javier Vazquez and Alex Gonzalez to LaCrosse for Brian Roberts, Ramon Ortiz, and Pedro Astacio

67-2/24/02 Great White sends Patterson, Redding, Mientkiewicz, Crede, Paul to Charlotte for Grace, Blanco, and Odalis Perez

68-2/24/02 Great White sends Pedro Astacio, Rowand to Charlotte for Redding, Patterson

69-2/26/02 New Orleans sends Randy Wolf and Todd Ritchie to Atlantic City for Roy Halladay and Johnny Damon

70-2/26/02 New Orleans sends Johnny Damon to Seattle for McEwing and Jason Christiansen

71-2/27/02 New Orleans sends Jason Christiansen and Eddie Guardado to Tennessee for Chad Fox

73-2/27/02 New Orleans sends Joe MeEwing to Great White for Scott Stewart

74-3/1/02 Seattle sends Clement, Randa picks in Rounds 38 and 39 to Great White for Ramon Ortiz

75-3/2/02 New Jersey sends Kevin Millwood, John Smoltz and Hector Carrrasco to Great White for Juan Gonzalez and their 39th round pick #764

76-3/5/02 Port Huron trades Chris Brock and its 39th round pick  to Grreat White for Bobby Hill

77-3/5/02 Great White sends Juan Moreno, Chris Brock and Jose Valentin to Mt. Airy for Shane Halter and Geoff Jenkins

78-3/11/02 Great White sends Quevedo, Carrasco and Houston to New York for Daryle Ward and Figueroa

79-3/11/02 Charlotte sends Pedro Astacio to Port Huron for Orlando Hernandez

80-3/12/02 Charlotte Ponson and Cornejo to New York for John Bale

81-3/12/02 Great White trades C-Henry Blanco, SP-Matt Clement, 3B-Dave Kelton to
Charlotte for C Josh Paul and Charlotte picks #2,3,4, and 6 in the 2003 draft

82-3/15/02 Great White sends Josh Paul, Craig Wilson, Ryan Anderson, Joe Randa, and Byung-Hyun Kim to Charlotte for Henry Blanco, Placido Polanco, Jimmy Gobble, Hee Seop Choi, Victor Santos

83-3/15/02 Atlantic City sends Roger Cedeno to you Berwyn for Bobby Higginson and Alex Ochoa

84-3/16/02 Atlantic City sends Higginson and Jimmy Anderson to Windy City for David Wells, Mantei and Lloyd

85-3/16/02 Atlantic City sends Chris Holt and Ken Caminti to Windy City for their 8th round draft pick in 2003

86-3/18/02 Port Huron send Pat Hentgen to Tennessee for

87-3/18/02 Atlantic City sends Shea Hillenbrand to Akron for Adrian Beltre

88-3/31/02 Charlotte sends Joe Crede and Juan Encarnacion to Grand Rapids in exchange for Tyler Houston and Mark Quinn

89-4/1/02 Port Huron sends Ben Davis, Randy Velarde, Bobby Hill, and its 5th round pick in 2003 to Grand Rapids for Luis Rivas, Ben Molina, and Hector Carrasco

90-4/2/02 Tennessee sends Brian Anderson to Port Huron for Mike Sirotka

91-4/23/02 New Orleans send Jim Edmonds to Fort Meade for Pettitte and Mark Prior

92-4/28/02 New Orleans sends Castillo, Hampton and Chad Fox to Dallas for Shannon Stewart, Rivera, Adam Kennedy

93-5/11/02 Forte Meade sends Steve Cox to Culver City for their 4th round draft pick in 2003

94-5/13/02 New Orleans send Livan Hernandez to Forte Meade for Brian Lawrence

95-5/20/02 New Orleans sends Posada and Roy Halladay to Windy City for Benito Santiago and Matt Morris

96-5/24/02 New Orleans sends Jerry Hairston, Mendoza and Kyle Farnswoth to Kansas for Roberto Alomar and Rocky Biddle

97-5/28/02 Tennessee sends Damion Jackson to Charlotte Cyclones for Damion Easley

98-5/28/02 Tennessee sends John Vander Wal and Ray Durham to Bosie for Bobby Higginson and Bob Wickman

99-6/27/02 Tennessee sends Corey Koskie,Tomo Ohka and Jeff Weaver to Charlotte for Randy Johnson,Joe Randa and Casey Fossum

100-7/9/02 Lexington sends
E. Diaz, A. Sele and Jose Valentin to Kansas for E. Hiljus and M. Piazza

101-7/17/02 Henryetta sends Brett Boone to New Jersey for Colon and Brent Abernathy

102-7/18/02 Roanoke sends Mike Rivera to Kansas for Tsuyoshi Shinjo

103-8/13/02 Boise sends Mike Redmond to Culver City Casey Kotchman

104-9/15/02 New Orleans sends Bagwell, Adam Kennedy and their 1st round pick in 2003 to Portsmouth for Todd Helton and Shawn Green

105-9/19/02 Portsmouth sends Bagwell, Biggio, Burkett and Coggin to Lexington for Daubach, Payton, Person and Beimel

106-9/26/02 New Orleans send Juan Pierre to Kansas City for J.D.Drew

107-/9/22/02 Grand Rapids sends Wade Miller, Steve Sparks, Sandy Alomar, Brian Giles and Troy Percival to Kansas City for Redman, Eric Hinske, Brad Wilkerson, Jay Gibbons, Joe Kennedy, Ramon Hernandez and their 4th round draft pick

108-9/22/02 Portsmouth send Mike DeJean to Boise for Tony Womack

109-9/29/02 Boise trades Luis Gonzalez to Portsmouth for Drew Henson, Kevin Appier and Brian Daubach

110-9/29/02 Culver City send Erstad and Grant Robert to Portsmouth in exchange for Acevedo and G. White

111-9/29/02 New Orleans sends Brian Lawrence, Scott Stewart, Brazelton to Culver City for Tim Hudson and Steve Kline

112-0/29/02 New Orleans sends J.D.Drew and Peavy to Portsmouth for Luis Gonzalez and Sasaki

113-9/29/02 Portsmouth sends Roger Cedeno to Boise for Glendon Rusch

114-9/29/02 New Orleans sends Luis Gonzalez, Alfonseca and Baldwin to San Angelo for Oswalt


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