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Adam's Family History



Family Surnames I am Researching

William ALLEN born abt 1810 Devon, England. He married Prudence HOOPER and emigrated to New Plymouth, New Zealand with children aboard the Amelia Thompson in 1841. Together they had five children; William, Thomas, John Hooper, William Samuel and Martha.
Passenger list for the Amelia Thompson to New Plymouth in 1841.
Angus CAMERON married Anne MCINTYRE. They had a son John CAMERON who married Janet MCGREGOR. They emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand aboard the Blenheim in 1840. Eventually they moved to the Turakina district. They had several children.
Patrick GUINIVEN married Mary BARRY in Ireland. They emigrated first to Sth Africa and then later to Auckland, New Zealand aboard the Reihersteig in 1864.They had seven children; John,William, Ellen, Patrick, James, Margaret, Maria.
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Samuel Johns JAMES married Sarah and then emigrated to New Plymouth, New Zealand aboard the Essex in 1843. They had a daughter Emily born in 1856.
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Digby JENKINS married Hannah DAWES, they had a son Digby Hancock JENKINS he married Maria DUNNE. They emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand circa 1885. They had eight children; Harold, Constance, Gertrude, Mary, Anne, Digby, Bert, Edward. For a while they lived in the Otaki area but eventually they returned to Wellington.
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Charles KENT born abt 1841 married Eliza GREY in England. They emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand with children aboard the steamer Rimutaka in 1894. They moved to New Plymouth. The childrens names were George Horatio, Percy, Frank, Dorothy and William. George Horatio married Maude Eleanor MALLARD in Tasmania.
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Robert MCALLEY born abt 1823 Falkirk, Scotland emigrated to New Zealand before 1852. He lived in the Hutt Wellington. He married Mary Ann RAY and had two chilren, Thomas and Robert. Mary Ann RAY died during childbirth. Robert remarried to Catherine GILCHRIST. They moved to the Turakina District and had more children.
Janet MCGREGOR born abt 1796 Kifinnan, Argyl, Scotland married John CAMERON and emigrated to New Zealand. Her parents, according to her death certificate, were John MCGREGOR and Ann ST CLAIR.
Alfred Morton MOON was born in Lewes, Sussex, England on the 13th September 1845. He emigrated to New Zealand possibly aboard the Electra in 1867. He worked at first as an Armed Constable. He married Lavinia ROWE and had 7 or 8 children including, Caroline Mary , Alfred Henry, Levinia Lena Ethel, Ethel Lena, Edward John, James Thomas Morton, Amelia Beatrice Lavinia Rowe, and Morton?. In later life Alfred Morton Moon remarried to Annie Rata McNeil and had more children. This Moon line has now been traced back several generations by Daphne Scott of Palmerston North, New Zealand.
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Lavinia Rowe married Alfred Morton MOON in Napier New Zealand. (see above).The Rowe sisters came to New Zealand aboard the ship "Chile" in 1872 as single women. Lavinia's name has been spelt as Livinia, Levinia and Lavinnia. Her two older sisters were Emily and possibly Elizabeth J (Chile passenger list). This Rowe line has now been traced back more generations by Daphne Scott of Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Passenger list for the Chile 1872 to Napier, New Zealand