"All These Things That I've Done" by the Killers Frankly, we thought a lot of the talk about "Mr. Brightside" was hype, but this song has lodged in our brain and made a happy home. "I've got soul / but I'm not a soldier." An incredible lyric.

What does the expression "Death to Karl Marx" mean?

The expression "Death to Karl Marx" has many possible meanings, depending on context. It's primary usage is to curse the memory of the socialist Karl Marx, who is responsible for the creation of Communism.

When used as a response to another's comments, the phrase roughly translates to "oh, well, what can you do?" The idiom can be explained by the fact that no matter how much one wishes Karl Marx to be dead, he is already dead, and cannot be any more dead. Therefore wishing him dead does you no good, and serves only to let out frustration.

Example usage: "I failed my chemistry test today," said Bob. Earl could then respond "Death to Karl Marx, huh Bob..."

One can also use the expression as a cheer, or cry of celebration. For example, when a Republican is elected into political office, it is appropriate to exclaim "Death to Karl Marx!" to affirm that socialist views will not spread further during that persons term in office.
- www.twistedlincoln.com

Octopus Sex...
The couple clearly are interested in each other. First he caresses her with one tentacle, then with another-and another and another. She reciprocates with a hug here, a squeeze there. This goes on for hours. Finally the male reaches under his mantle, a fold of tissue that drapes around most of his body. He removes a packet of sperm from a reproductive organ and inserts it into an egg chamber beneath the female's mantle. For every sperm that fertilizes an egg, a new octopus may develop...
-Starr Biology

Jenny Berfday 2006

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